16 Aug 22. | Author: Alex Teplitz

Scene Creator Is LIVE!!!

The curtains rise. The stage is bare. A blank canvas… it’s your story to tell!

Welcome to the updated Scene Creator from BeNeverEnding!

Use our library of new assets, backgrounds, characters, special effects, and more. Recreate scenes from your tabletop games or use our creator as inspiration to make new stories.

Any character you design in our character creator becomes an actor you can stage: from scary scenes to comic strips to goofy memes, your character becomes the main event. 

Theater of the mind just became real with our staging tools: using speech bubbles and special effects, bring your story to life.

What’s more iconic than a (wraith and black pudding filled) dungeon?

DRAGONS, of course!

Coming soon to our library of creatures: all the winged and scaled beasts you could ask for!

Fire-breathing monsters not your thing? Tangle with dryads in the dark depths of forbidden forests, or stage you and your other party members in the grips of a giant squid.

What better way to entice your players than with introduction scenes to future sessions? Use our new assets to hint at upcoming villains and locations. Send them deep below the waves or into the dungeon of a mad wizard… The alchemy and underwater sets are dropping soon!

Help us tell your epic narrative with art requests in our Discord (https://discord.gg/WTgJTNuScz) or campaign stories on our reddit, R/BeNeverEnding. We’d love to see what new worlds you’ll build with our updated scene creator. Share your scene on your favorite social media platforms and tag us @BeNeverEnding!