1 Dec 21. | Author: John Doe

Character builder updates for the week of December 1st!

Happy holidays, heroes!

We’re excited to bring you an update packed with fun new additions to our character builder, giving you even more options for customizing your character. We’ve added new accessories, clothes, faces, and even a companion! Let’s kick things off by showing off the newest additions.

New Features!

  • Cassowary companion with complete color customization
  • Nordic barbarian outfit
  • Tavern server and cook NPC sets
  • Bindis in different sizes and styles
  • Token borders
  • Masculine hairstyles and facial hair

In our effort to continue to bring diversity to NeverEnding’s character builder, we’ve added an array of customizable bindis. Each one comes in a unique size and style, giving you the ability to match the bindi according to your character’s appearance.

The new additions to our collection of masculine hairstyles and facial hair continue to grow! We have added several facial hair options that can shape your character’s face and give them a fitting style. In addition to all hair updates, we’ve added a few new token borders. Our signature dragon comes in a new vibrantly gold hue with accented eyes and a dragon that could be pure jade!

We’re going to round off this update with items that can be unlocked through completing some of NeverEnding’s fun achievements. To gain access to these cool features, you have to create an account using the character builder and create 10 characters. Once you hit 10 characters, you can put these cool anime faces, monk and mage teacher sets.

Don’t forget to check out our character builder contest — we’ve got cool prizes (how does $100 gift card sound?) and love to see the awesome things you guys create. To learn more, head over to our post here to get the scoop.

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