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We Are NeverEnding

NeverEnding is more than a suite of simple, intuitive tools that will help you be seen in your games and stories. NeverEnding is also a place to stay, share, and browse other members’ awesome creations. In the network, you’ll find new friends who enjoy awesome stories and games just as much as you do.

Be Seen in YOUR story with our Character Builder

Quickly and easily build custom avatars to use with tabletop games, on social media, or to spark new story ideas.

Additional body types and poses coming soon. New character options added Weekly!

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What’s Next? Bringing YOUR Stories to Life!

We’re developing a brand new, amazing web-based visual storytelling platform that’s super easy to use! In addition to our awesome Character Builder, we’ll be releasing a custom Scene Creator and a quick and easy Story Animator.

Scene Creator

Coming Soon!
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With simple drag/drop and point/click tools you'll create fantastic scenes by selecting backgrounds, props, characters, creatures, and special effects! You’ll be able to duplicate your scene with just a click to make adjustments or start fresh with a blank canvas.

Use the scenes you create to make original webcomics or flipbook style animatics. Share your originals creations on the network or download them to share anywhere at all.


You can easily select from a variety of common backgrounds: forest scenes, caverns, dungeons, town square, tavern, and more. Don’t worry - this is just the starting point. Laying the foundation for an even more exciting adventure ahead!


Backgrounds and scenes are further customized with props: trees, bushes, barrels, carts, campfires, huts, tents, treasure chests… the list goes on.

Props are applied in layers, creating depth to your scene. It also means characters (or Monsters) can hide behind them


No story is complete without characters. NeverEnding allows you to customize your characters and save them or sort through a library of pre-built NPCs. Fighter, wizards, rogues, warlocks, clerics – they’re all there.

Outfits, armor, hairstyle, eyes, jaws, noses – all customizable for you. Plus just place and pose with a few clicks.


Every hero needs an antagonist, and NeverEnding has you covered. From classic horde monsters like undead, goblins, and kobolds to other iconic creatures like ogres, owlbears, and dragons there are lots of options to choose from!

Just like any asset, monsters can be made larger or smaller and placed anywhere on the screen, to help build your perfect scene.

Story Animator

Coming Soon!

Using pre-programed animation and a variety of special effect selections, non-artists and novice animator can quickly and easily turn their story ideas into great videos!

Start with a blank screen, or import a set of scenes you’ve already created in the scene builder.

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You can record audio right in the platform as well as upload audio or sound effects you’ve recorded previously. Great for podcasters and streamers!

state 2

Add an animation to a character, creature, prop, or even the whole background with just a click.

state 3

Download your videos or share them on the network. You decide how you want the entertainment to happen.

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