Character Builder is Live!

NeverEnding is a content creation platform for all kinds of visual storytelling.


Create completely unique avatars and characters for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Vampire, and other games. Create custom illustrations using your characters and our library of backgrounds, props, and creatures. Animations coming soon!


Our Character Builder Lets YOU Be the Hero

Make a heroic version of you or something completely wacky and off the wall using options designed to give you maximum choice and customization.

Body Types

Details Color

Clothing Options

Armor Up


Build the basics of your character or avatar by selecting from 13 body types + 30 heads (including beast options) + loads of prosthetics and wings and horns, and tails.

Characters for Every Story

With nearly 50 points of customization, the Character Builder lets you create and color literally billions of unique characters for your online games, streaming, social media, or story inspiration. Using classic video game-style controls, create your main characters how you see them. You can even add a bio and other details.

Need something fast? Our NPC generator creates a character complete with story prompts with a single click. 

Create Custom Illustrations. No Art Skills Required.

Imagine creating custom illustrations without having to draw! Using simple drag/drop and point/click tools, our Scene Creator lets you bring your story ideas to life as illustrations and webcomics. Simply select your background, zoom in or zoom out, then place your character and other objects to fill your scene. You can make anything you place bigger or smaller, rotate it, add text, and more.

From backgrounds to props, to creatures, there are over 2,000 unique assets in our library for you to choose from. You can even upload your own!

A Community of Creators

Need some inspiration! Check out The Community and browse characters and creations from other storytellers. Favorite the content and the creators you like most. Looking for people to game with or someone to help you with your content creation? You can sort profiles by people looking to game, collaborate, and more!

Create your own profile, include your social links where fans and friends can find your content. Let people know if you’re looking for collaborators. Build the community and tell the stories that you want to see.

Create Fantastic Scenes with our Scene Creator

You don’t have to be an illustrator or spend hours on complicated tools to bring the ideas in your head to life. Select from a variety of common backgrounds: forest scenes, caverns, dungeons, town squares, taverns, and more. Don’t worry – this is just the starting point, laying the foundation for an even more exciting adventure ahead.

How to use your character

Tell Your Story with Webcomics

Once you create one or more scenes in the Scene Creator, you can add them to a variety of webcomic templates. Save and edit later to make your story as long (or as short) as you want. Share your story with a comic strip or an entire online graphic novel!

Use Your Character for Streaming

You can tell your story on Twitch or YouTube, but instead of you use your avatar! That’s right, you can use your 2D avatar for streaming. Your avatar will move with you and talk when you talk, so you can create and share your ideas and stories using a unique, customized online persona.

Start Creating Today

Don’t wait! Begin creating with our Character Builder, NPC Generator, Scene Creator, Avatar Streaming, and more. Try it free or get even more options by going premium.

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