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We Are NeverEnding

A group of friends passionate about gaming, storytelling, and the opportunity
to build something amazing (and fun) for the world!



We’re creating a brand new amazing web-based visual storytelling platform that’s super easy to use. Some of the features include:

It helps bring YOUR stories to life

You can do more than animate highlights from your gaming session, you can also create cut scenes or intros to share with players. You can record yourself reading a children’s book and then animate That story. It’s the easiest to use animated video creator, with all the assets you need.

Our full character builder is a core component and the first step to bring your story to life!

Our full release will include:

  • 8 body types + 8 heads + 5 Poses
  • 18 hairstyles + 6 beard or mustache combos
  • Lots of eyebrows, eyes, ears, mouths, and more to customize
  • Tons of armor and clothing options
  • Did we mention one and two-handed weapons and objects?
  • Color picker for EVERYTHING
  • Monthly art additions and feature updates and expansions

For now, enjoy a fun sneak peek and use a Lite Demo version to discover how easy it is to create Your character!

Try The Demo


It’s easy to bring the ideas in your head to life on the screen. Choose from a library of assets: backgrounds, characters, equipment, and more. Use drag/drop and point/click functionality to pose characters, create scenes, and download everything: portraits, tokens, comic strips, and animated videos!


You can easily select from a variety of common backgrounds: forest scenes, caverns, dungeons, town square, tavern and more. Don’t worry - this is just the starting point. Laying the foundation for an even more exciting adventure ahead!


Backgrounds and scenes are further customized with placeables: trees, bushes, barrels, carts, campfires, huts, tents, treasure chests… the list goes on. Placeables are applied in layers, creating depth to your scene. It also means characters (or Monsters) can hide behind them


No story is complete without characters. NeverEnding allows you to customize your characters and save them or sort through a library of pre-built NPCs. Fighter, wizards, rogues, warlocks, clerics – they’re all there. Outfits, armor, hairstyle, eyes, jaws, noses – all customizable for you. Plus just place and pose with a few clicks.


Backpack? Check. Quiver of arrows? Check? Sword and shield? Check. Plus wands, hammers, axes, scrolls, torches, and so much more. Some equipables go in the hand others attach to the body. Plus, every equipable, is also a placeable. So, if you want to leave that sword leaned up against the treasure chest, you can do that.


Every hero needs an antagonist, and NeverEnding has you covered. From classic horde monsters like undead, goblins, and kobolds to other iconic creatures like ogres, owlbears, and dragons there are lots of options to choose from! Just like any asset, monsters can be made larger or smaller and placed anywhere on the screen, to help build your perfect scene.

Spell Effects

A special type of object is the spell effect. Magic is a critical component of a lot of table-top role-playing games, so having a separate menu of magical effects is important. There’s the classic fireball, of course. But you also have the glow of a magical weapon, a wall of water, circle of protection, and more.

Build. Animate. Export.

Character Mode

Use the character builder to create the heroes and supporting cast you envision. Select from body types and builds, as well as hairstyles, eyes, ears, outfits and more! There are millions of unique character possibilities. Download your character as portrait or a tabletop token. Or import them into the scene builder to take your story further.

Storyboard Mode

Our Scene builder is extra easy to use. You build each board as a separate scene. You can duplicate a previous one, to adjust the same scene or start one from scratch to capture a different perspective. Storyboard mode lets you download one or more stills as a portrait, comic strip, or as an animatic (think stop motion animation).

Video Mode

The video animator keeps it fast and simple with intuitive click animations that you can speed up or slow down. You can easily match the movement to your imported audio recording. You won’t get studio quality animation. You also don’t need to know how to draw or spend hours upon hours crafting the animation yourself!