28 Sep 21. | Author: John Doe

Character builder updates for the week of September 28th!

With spooky season upon us, we’ve conveniently added some eerie backgrounds and heavy armor fit for a menacing barbarian. But wait, there’s more! This update also comes with battle helmets and decorated prosthetics — see for yourself.

New Features!

  • Horned battle helmets
  • Versatile armor pieces
  • Orc barbarian outfit
  • Arm and leg prosthetics
  • Forest backgrounds

Do you need to set up a BBEG encounter in a mysterious bog? Build your best bad guy using our new items and post them in front of this foggy backdrop that’ll make their evil really shine.

If the first background isn’t your style, can we interest you in a magical jungle? It’s perfect for a wood elf that lives deep within the trees, or maybe even your imaginative take on Tarzan!

As always, we’re can’t wait to see the cool things you guys create! Follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to see concept art and get the very latest on what’s coming soon. See you next time!