10 Jul 21. | Author: John Doe

Character Builder updates for the week of July 10th!

Hey Adventurers!

We’ve cooked up some icy updates this week that’ll add even more dimension to your sorcerers, warlocks and all magic users. We present to you: ice spells!

To balance out the cold, we’ve added more apparel options for the NPC tavern cook, OC artificer or your average hero.

New Features!

  • Icy spells with several customized features
  • Spell features include a fist full of dangerous ice and a cold swirl of magic
  • Plain clothes for all characters, great for layers

When equipping a spell, try out the swirls of icy peril or fists of ice. Each spell has 3 customization options, giving you the ability to control the elements and pack a chilling punch.

Give your character simple clothes for their day-to-day, or equip an item to layer with your favorite pieces. Each item is built for all body types and fully color customizable.

Celebrate Christmas in July by signing up for a free account at www.BeNeverEnding.app to get full access to all premium features, including cool items to bring your characters to life! Hurry and sign up, access is limited to the month of July.

Until next week, happy adventuring!