14 Sep 21. | Author: John Doe

Character builder updates for the week of September 14th!

Hello friends, long time no see!

We told you that the bi-weekly updates are worth the wait, and we promise to keep delivering. This round of updates includes new outfits, hairs, accessories and backgrounds for your characters! Without further ado, let’s show you what we’ve got.

New Features!

  • Archer’s shirt, modern pants, and a full stable hand set
  • Tricorne hats and ornate necklaces
  • Curly hairstyles
  • Desert style background

We’ve added more ways to customize your characters! There are new clothing options, such as an archer’s shirt perfect for a Ranger, or a stable hand set fit for a humble NPC. If you’re looking for flair, we’ve also added tricorne hats, statement necklaces and curly hairstyles that add diversity to your characters.

Rounding out this update is the new desert background! These sandy dunes could be the perfect place for your adventurer to hunt for buried treasure, or stumble upon a necromancer’s lair in the caverns? You decide!

We’re excited to see the awesome things you guys create! Follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to see concept art and get the very latest on what’s coming soon. See you next time!