10 Dec 20. | Author: John Doe

We Are LIVE! (& a Dec. 22nd Update!)

Yes! We’re finally LIVE!

Hello, friends! Hopefully, you’ve seen the news and had a chance to visit us at https://www.beneverending.app/ to try the Beta of our Character Builder. It’s a lot more fun than the old Demo version, so enjoy!

If you didn’t back us on Kickstarter, you can still try the Character Builder FREE. Just go in and create a Free account. There’re lots of free character assets, plus you’re welcome to upgrade at any time to access even more. If you do upgrade, you’ll enjoy regular additions of new character assets!

Feel free to share your characters and spread the love with the hashtag #OCbyNE – because the more friends we can get creating characters the more we can add to the app.

As a reminder, let’s check out what you’ll find in the Character Builder Beta:

• Upgraded UI
• More Customization
• Coloring your character and assets
• A few weapons and shields
• Saving your character to your library
• Creating a character bio
• Customizing your personal profile

We’re working on an update for December 22.
With that update you’ll be able to add backgrounds to your character. You’ll also be able to add backgrounds to your profile page and use one of your characters as your custom avatar. Characters will start with default hands, too. Plus, we’re working on quick and easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned for even more coming soon. This will include an updated color picker, making it way easier to get just the perfect color you want. And a color history, so you don’t have to fiddle to find that perfect shade of blue you just used.

More assets are coming as well, like helmets, masks, wings horn, tails, and so much more.

We’re also working hard to finish up everything for quick and easy pose changes. AND soon you’ll be able to switch heads and bodies and keep all the same facial features and armor, so you can see what your character would look like as a buff lady or a short and stocky dwarf. Speaking of dwarves – stay tuned for beards as well.

Lastly, we’re expecting the first version of the NPC generator to be released in January. We think you’re going to love it!

Last But Not Least
We’re putting out a cattle call for Focus Group members! Just fill in this handy dandy form and let us know if YOU want to get a sneak peek at designs and features.

Plus, you get to tell us your opinion! Who doesn’t like telling people their opinions???

That’s all for now. Try out the Character Builder and tell your friends!