13 Dec 20. | Author: John Doe

Using NeverEnding to engage your Players and Audience

It feels like it’s a golden era of TTRPG Streams and Podcasts. For streamers, it’s also a lot of work! Not only do you need to focus on your game, but also keeping your players and audience engaged. Character and NPC art can do a lot to add just a little bit more “oomph!” to your livestream. If you don’t have an artist on your team ready to churn out an ever changing line up of NPCs and you can’t drop a few hundred dollars every month, you might feel like all this character art is out of reach. But, we have you covered!

With NeverEnding’s Character Builder you can breathe life into your NPCs and create a more immersive experience for everyone.

Sneaky Pete and Mistral, NPCs created in NeverEnding’s Character Builder Beta

NeverEnding is loaded with art assets to customize your NPCs and characters – different bodies, heads, eyes, and armor are just a few of the tings you have to choose from. There’s literally millions of unique character combos you can create and save.

Our Character Builder offers unlimited save slots for your neverending list of NPCs, plus some spares for when you need one on the spot! With the tagging feature (coming soon) you’ll be able to keep your characters organized by location, campaign, or whatever works best for your planning needs.

Give your players and audience characters they can connect to visually. Think of all the additional fanart opportunities you’ll create by having official character art!

Mateo and Katya, NPCs created in NeverEnding’s Character Builder Beta

NeverEnding comes with a personal license for all your creations, but we also offer commercial licensing on a sliding scale, making it affordable for any budget! In fact, some small podcasts, streams, and DMsGuild publishers end up being able to use NeverEnding’s character art for Free!

Reach out to us at happiness@beneverending.com for more details and to see what you qualify for.

We can’t wait to see what you create! Create a free account at www.beneverending.app today!