23 Jan 21. | Author: John Doe

This week’s Character Builder Updates!

Hello Everyone!

This week we have some very exciting asset and feature additions!

Our armor set this week is from the theme ‘Oh Holy Stats!’ (…because they’re a cleric, get it??). We have also added bird and bat wings and a set of antlers.

All of these assets, except the bird wings, are for Hero Tier and higher, but never fear! You can upgrade your account in January and get a whole year of access for only $19! www.beneverending.app

We have also fixed the following bugs this week:

  • Character Builder crashing
  • Loading time issues

New Features!!!

We have 2 new features going live this week:

  • Your characters will auto save as you are working on them.
  • Parts now highlight as you are coloring them, so you can easily see what piece you are working on!
Note: If you are ever unable to see any of the new art or features, try a hard refresh: CTRL+F5 for Windows, and CTRL+SHIFT+R for Mac.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned next week for a big update!

A handy-dandy create new character button, expanded options in your profile, the ability to show off your characters and browse characters created by others, and you’ll be able to search for players who are looking for a group or DMs looking for players!

Some Great Advice

Thursday we did the work of reviewing how users might create characters/avatars with amputations, prosthetics, and wheelchairs. Our disability advisor panel offered us feedback and advice to ensure that we avoid stigmatizing experiences, while allowing people to create heroic disabled characters. We are looking forward to getting these assets live!

A big sincere THANK YOU to our first round of disability advisors:






An Awesome Interview

Last week our founder had a chat with the folks over at Grit Daily about his background and how NeverEnding began! Check out the full article here.

Speaking of how NeverEnding began, this Sunday is our very first birthday! It’s crazy to think it’s only been a year, thank you all for helping us make it awesome.

See you next week!