11 Jan 21. | Author: John Doe

This week’s Character Builder updates!

This week we have added 3 new assets for our Character Builder for our Hero Tier and up! This set’s theme is: ‘Going Rogue.


Coming soon, users will be able to browse public profiles and characters. You’ll also be able to see who is looking for a group or player! You can change your privacy settings and update your info in the ‘Profile’ section of the Character Builder.

There are even more exciting things happening over here:

Next Week

We have the honor of attending the first-ever virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show)! We will be presenting and answering questions January 11th-14th. Wish us luck!

Speaking of Growth

We have grown from 144 users on December 1st to OVER 700 users today! To celebrate, we have decided to extend our holiday sale. Users will continue to be able to upgrade their free account using code MERRY2020 and receive 90 days free until January 14! But all through January you’ll receive an even BIGGER discount if you sign up for a full year. We’re reducing the Hero Tier subscription to $19 for a year’s worth of access! Thank you all for your support!


If you recall, some of our Lifetime Tier Kickstarter backers received character commissions, and we finished the first one! Meet Magnus Blackthorn:

Our artists are looking forward to tackling the rest of the commissions!

Another Kickstarter? Maybe.

In last week’s email we mentioned seeking out additional funding for the development of some additional body types, prosthetics and equipables. We are considering a Kickstarter to help fund these important features, so NeverEnding is more inclusive and welcoming to everyone! Wheelchairs would be an important stretch goal. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project and if we should do it. Send us an email at hello@beneverending.com if you are interested!

Chaotic Tiefling

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce that NeverEnding will be the Official Sponsor for the first season of “DnD Surprise Party” by Chaotic Tiefling Productions.  You can catch the show Wednesday January 13th on their Twitch channel or uploaded later to their YouTube.

Thank you, as always!