30 Jan 21. | Author: John Doe

This week’s Character Builder update!

Hello Friends,

Only 2 more days to save! For the month of January, you can get a whole year of access for $19!

This week we have LOTS of exciting art options for you to try. The new armor pieces are from the theme “Swash Me Buckles!”, and we have also added another set of horns and our first tail!

Thanks to our friends at Chaotic Tiefling Productions, and their weekly show DnD Surprise, we have added a bird head option! Paired with the new wings we added last week, you can now create your favorite bird characters like Aarakocras and Kenkus.

The cast of DnD Surprise will be creating all their characters in the builder, so stay tuned! Check out DnD Surprise, including the Aarakocra ‘Squall’, on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch Wednesday nights!

Kickstarter Backers

Those of you that backed our Kickstarter, hopefully saw our most recent update that includes some news about the Scene Builder, and some sneak peeks! Head on over to our Kickstarter updates page if you haven’t seen it yet.

Another Kickstarter? 

We briefly mentioned this in a previous email, but we want to share more information.

We don’t want to slow down the development of the Scene Builder, or the production of promised stretch goals and add-ons. At the same time, it’s important to develop and make available some additional body type options. We also want to fund the development of a wheelchair option in the character builder. So… Kickstarter?

We’re gathering feedback before launching a Kickstarter with a $1,000 goal to develop in new body types. We’d have stretch goals for additional body types and anthropomorphic character options. Is this something you’d support? We’re still working hard to deliver on the many promises we’ve made and I hope you can clearly see the progress. Can we count on you to spread the word to friends and support us again?

New Features!

New features are live TODAY!

  • Our community page is live, allowing you to view public users.  Head on over to your profile and make it public and add some info!
  • We’ve updated user profile options.
  • The Character Library will have a new look (frames, buttons highlights).

Remember, if you aren’t seeing new assets and features, do a hard refresh!  If you’re on Windows, press CTRL+F5. If you’re on Mac, Press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the new assets and features we’ve added this week!

As always, THANK YOU!