28 Dec 20. | Author: John Doe

Team Spotlight: Kelci

What’s your name?

Kelci Crawford

What’s your position?

Chief Creative Officer. I’m in charge of what the platform (including the character builder) looks like, and I aim to keep the style consistent.

Who’s your favorite character you’ve created? In which system?

Ollie the half-orc druid, in D&D 5e. She’s a LOT of fun to roleplay and a LOT of fun to cast spells with.

What inspires you?

Jeff Smith’s comic, Bone.

What ancestry (i.e. race) + class would you be (from any ttrpg)?

Tiefling or half-orc

FOR SURE a Barbarian, Path of the Ancestors.

What do you hope people get out of the platform?

I hope people can use our tools to tell the stories that have been itching in their brains to get out in visual form. So many people I’ve met over the years have said, “I want to tell this story but I can’t draw!” I hope this platform helps inspire them, and give folks the tools they need to FINALLY get their stories out to the world.