6 Nov 20. | Author: John Doe

Team Spotlight: Gemma

What’s your name?

Gemma B. Valentine

What’s your position?

Brand Ambassador

Okay, but what do you do?

I am one of the social media content creators for NeverEnding, I create many of the videos and additional animations seen here!

What’s your go-to work jam?

I really enjoy listening to Gaelic music whenever I’m really busy, Clannad is one of my favorite groups. However my ultimate love is Depeche Mode, I recently ordered a dress that has a collage of their album covers on it.

What are you known for?

Before I joined the NeverEnding team I had done a lot of animation work for a couple of YouTube channels. I was in charge of two cartoon series, both of them were created by acclaimed artist/voice actor Sonny Strait. I’m also a huge animation enthusiast and I really enjoy analyzing forgotten media relics.

What do you hope people get out of the platform?

I hope that non-artistic people will try it out of curiosity, and then find a newfound passion to create. So many people who can’t draw or can’t write even, tend to have fantastic story ideas but no proper way of executing them. With the platform being easily accessible, it’ll open so many possibilities to people who didn’t feel like they were capable of pursuing their ideas.

Want to stay caught up with Gemma? Check her out on Twitter @gemmabvalentine