15 May 20. | Author: John Doe

Results Are In. Kickstarter June 12!

So many character combinations are possible.

We have a very special update to share with all of our friends and fans! 

After polls on Twitter, Facebook, and to our email subscribers, we heard you loud and clear. It seems like nearly everyone wants to try out one of the basic features of the platform/app ASAP. So, we’ve moved our Kickstarter launch date to June 12th. Why? So we can premiere our super awesome character builder right away (like you asked us to do)!

We know that once you test it, you’ll be hooked and want to help us bring you more and better features by backing us on Kickstarter! Our character builder will let you customize facial features, hair, body type, and the outfit – so you can create a unique character portrait. It won’t have ALL the bells and whistles (or options) of the final version – but you get to try it for FREE!

Expect to see it on the site, prior to June 12th. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to this idea, so we hope to see you testing and playing with our character builder as soon as it’s available!