28 Jul 20. | Author: John Doe

Monster of the Week: Spectator


OMG! Look out! It’s a Behol… nope. Just your average floating cyclops orb with four eyestalks and a penchant for philosophical conversation.

Some Backstory…

We’re back and kicking off this week’s Monster of The Week with the classic TTRPG monster; The Spector.

Despite their gruesome appearance, the Spectator isn’t evil (don’t judge a book… or an eyeball, yo). It’s actually lawful neutral alignment. That’s just one of the things that makes them so attractive as a guardian. Who else could be better trusted with your prized treasures – definitely not your first college roommate (I’m still waiting to get those Simpsons DVDs back Dave).

The Spectator is a quirky monster with great philosophical knowledge (not just Nietzsche, Kopf too). They quite enjoy conversation and may hold extended conversions with those who dare approach them. Unlike the viciously paranoid and solitary Beholder, Spectators are also capable of forming deep friendships with others. Who knows if they’re capable of committing to romantic relationships – but it’s possible. Just imagine the Spectator-ship possibilities; Spectator x Beholder perhaps? I mean they both have a superiority complex and are both round orbs from questionable backgrounds. Well, that’s another question for another day. This is Monster of The Week and NOT Monster Match Maker. (Seriously though, if you all would read Monster Match Maker we’d consider making it. Haha)

As Far As The Monster Itself…

As far as magical abilities go, the Spectator is capable of paralyzing its enemies, wounding them, and causing psychological trauma (confusion and/or fear). Since they’re lawful neutral, they’re not as likely to attack unless provoked. Since they’re sometimes summoned as guardians, provoking may be as simple as coming within eye range (eye-ray-range?). Think you can simply avoid those rays by flinging some spells from afar? Nope! Where the Beholder has a nasty anti-magic cone, our Spectator buddy is able to reflect spells back at the caster OR at someone else in range! Looks like you’ll have to move in close after all.

As big ‘ole orbs without any non-eye-stalky appendages, they primarily use their eye rays in combat. They CAN bite, but… like… why would they when an eye stalk does more damage. Maybe if you took out those eyes stalks? (Finally a real world use for that Three Stooges Eye Poke!) If all eyes of the Spectator are poked/damaged, it will teleport itself to a different plane to escape the battle (unless it’s been summoned as a guardian, in which case it’s likely to fight to the death). This may sound dramatic, but keep in mind the Spectator is literally just one giant eyeball with four other eyes tacked on. Once those eyes are out of commission or proving less than useful, there’s few other options other than flight.

Can you think of any other monsters with inconvenient weaknesses? Let us know so we can consider them as a candidate for a future Monster of the Week!

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