15 Sep 20. | Author: John Doe

Monster of the Week: Ginormous Squirrel

Look up there! It’s a Giant, no… a Dragon? It’s… a Ginormous Squirrel?!

NeverEnding’s version of the Ginormous Squirrel

Like many monsters from our previous posts, the Ginormous Squirrel is a large mammalian force to be reckoned with. The novelty of the Gigantic Squirrel comes from the fact that it is purely a fan creation; a homebrew creature, if you will. The idea of a small rodent-esque critter turned into a 500 foot tall beast is absurdist humor at its finest. It’s also a testament to how creative DM’s can be with the creation of homebrew content, which says a lot given how TTRPG rely solely on the power of imagination and skillful storytelling to thrive. The abilities of the Ginormous Squirrel are anything you can make it to be. You want a Ginormous Squirrel that spouts fire and shoots laser beams like a raging Kaiju monster? Yes, you can make that possible! How about a Ginormous Squirrel that’s a peaceful gentle giant, and lives in a cottagecore-esque paradise with a variety of quirky NPCs that worship it? Yes, praise the fuzzy demigod!…

Now let’s segway into something else before I start a cult… 

The Ginormous Squirrel in my eyes would probably be the closer to the  Kaiju variety, a deathly beast that leaves no man unscathed in battle. They are fast, and can be mounted and ridden by those who are brave enough to tame them into submission. OK That sounds weird but trust me it’s not, if you saw our little Goblin gif from our Kickstarter campaign you’d know immediately what I’m referring to. If that squirrel can run through projectile fireworks with a Goblin on it’s back, then who knows what else it could handle?

The power of the Ginormous Squirrel is not one to be underestimated, and those who tell you that you can’t use homebrew monsters might just be too crazy to DM for.

That’s just my two cents.

Tell us about your homebrew monsters in the comments below, and check out the original Reddit post for the Ginormous Squirrel HERE! See ya next week.

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