8 Sep 20. | Author: John Doe

Monster of the Week: Frost Giant

Who doesn’t love Polar Bears… oh wait…

Welcome back to Monster of the Week! For the uninitiated, every Tuesday we rant… I mean blog, about the most notable monsters in the TTRPG community. This week’s monster is none other than the 50 foot tall, hostile and ferocious Frost Giant. Simply put, they are bluish-skinned, bearded giants that live in icy climates, susceptible to various forms of lycanthropy. We’re not talking about those Twilight wolves; We mean Werebears and Seawolves.


The Polar Werebear condition is a hybrid giant that tends to live apart from it’s kin. Now imagine how terrifying it would be to be ambushed on a snowy mountain by a 50 foot tall Werebear. We’re not saying whether the odds would be in your favor or not, but the mental image on it’s own conjures up some complicated feelings from me. (Primarily terror)

Now… what was I saying?

Right. Ice Giants. Cosmetically, their blue skin and white hair help set them apart from their standard Giant counterparts, along with their immunity to cold damage. The Frost Giant falls under the evil alignment but they do have a complex social structure known as an Ordning.  The shamans of their society are usually capable of casting spells from the Charm, Divination, Healing, Protection or Weather spheres.

In combat, Frost Giants are known for using ambush techniques to attack their prey; they can hide under 20 feet of snow in preparation for an attack. Then they will throw boulders at you. Charming, right? We suggest some fire-based spells if you plan to face these folks.

Well, now that we have conjured up some terrifying images and inspired future fanart of Polar Werebears, we will conclude this week’s Monster of the Week! If there is a monster you’d like for us to talk about in an upcoming post, leave us a comment. See you soon!

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