29 Nov 21. | Author: John Doe

Growing a campaign with Eternity TTRPG

The tabletop gaming experience is as magical as the stories the game lets you tell. The number of TTRPGs in play is ever-growing and there are nearly countless different systems, but one thing remains the same: to play, you need a party, and once you pull together a party, you need a campaign.

The way a campaign in any game runs is unique to the players and the game master; some prefer a one-shot or a game that takes place through just a handful of sessions, while others invest in a long-running campaign that ends up being years of fun and adventure.

Jacob Tegtman of Eternity TTRPG speaks to the importance of investing in the campaign and the way it adds to the dimension of the TTRPG experience and fun for players and game masters:

There’s a sort of threshold that’s reached once a gaming group has played multiple sessions together. Once the threshold is crossed, it pushes the story from something merely fun, to something that’s truly compelling. Once a game has gone from something your players are showing up to try out, to something they can’t wait to experience each week, you know you’re in the “flow” of a great RPG campaign.

The results of connecting more to your character, locations in the game, villains, and everything related, is that you connect to the story. The game goes from being something merely fun and social, to something meaningful. When you connect to your game’s story, you can’t wait to see what happens next. That’s when things start getting intense.

— Jacob Tegtman Eternity TTRPG

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