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Weekly Character Creation Contest! Starting October 25th!

To close out 2021, we’ve got an exciting character creation contest! Starting on the Monday of each week through December 4, we’ll post a Character Contest on Facebook and Twitter.

The rules are easy enough — create a character using our NeverEnding Character Builder and submit it with 1 – 2 sentence description or catch-phrase. Characters submissions must be posted as a reply to each week’s Twitter or Facebook by Thursday of that week. The top 10 characters that receive the most likes will be judged by the team at NeverEnding. Each Sunday a single winner from Facebook and another from Twitter will be announced and will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. New Contest, New Winners. Every. Single. Week!

Please read the Full Rules after the image below.

How to Enter NeverEnding’s Weekly Character Contest (overview)

  1. Ensure you have a Free or Paid NeverEnding account and that you use the NeverEnding Character Builder to create your character. No third party tools are allowed. The Character you submit will comprise elements from the Character Builder such as facial features, clothing, armor, equipment, or any accessories.
  2. Each week NeverEnding will post a Character Contest Announcement. Your submission must appear as a comment on that week’s Facebook or Twitter post to be considered.
  3. Your submission must consist of: one (1) Character built from the NeverEnding Character Builder and a 1-2 sentence description or tagline/quote.
  4. You may submit one (1) Character total via Facebook or Twitter.  Please see details for how to submit for each social media platform under “NeverEnding Character Contest Official Rules, 4. How To Enter.” You may submit a different character on either Facebook or Twitter, but no more than one (1) character per submission.
  5. By posting a character as a comment to the Facebook or Twitter “Character Contest” post or otherwise submitting a character, you agree to the rules and terms for this Character Contest.

NeverEnding Character Contest Official Rules

Last Updated October 21, 2021

  1. Eligibility Requirements
    1. The contest is open to any user in the NeverEnding community. NeverEnding defines a user in this context as someone with a NeverEnding account, regardless of if that account is a free or paid account. Employees and independent contractors of NeverEnding, as well as their immediate families, are not eligible to enter. By submitting, you are agreeing that you are a NeverEnding user of the age of majority or older in your state or region. If you are under the age of majority (usually 18) in your region, your parent or guardian must submit on your behalf for you to enter this Contest. 
  2. Agreement to Rules
    1. By entering this Contest, making a submission, or otherwise participating,, you expressly agree to the Rules, Terms, and Conditions listed throughout this document or post. 
    2. You agree to submit an original or fan art style character you create in NeverEnding’s Character Builder, at beneverending.app.
    3. You will use the NeverEnding Character Builder to create a character submission for this Contest and not any other third party tools.
    4. You may submit one (1) Character for each weekly instance of this Contest on either Facebook or Twitter.
    5. You understand and agree that from time to time NeverEnding or it’s agents may change the rules, and that you are responsible for checking the rules and ensuring you agree to any changes before making your submission.
    6. Entrants and participants of any kind are responsible for any SMS, internet or other fees they may incur as a result of posting or participating.
  1. Entry Period
    1. This Contest will run on a weekly basis from October 25, 2021 to December 4, 2021 (“Contest Period”). NeverEnding reserves the right to cease or extend the Contest Period any time.
  1. How to Enter
    1. You must have a NeverEnding account to participate and create a character using the NeverEnding Character Builder. 
    2. Ensure you are following the NeverEnding social media account on the platform where you’ll make your submission:
      1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeNeverEnding
      2. Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/BeNeverEnding
    3. You may not create multiple accounts to enter this contest.
    4. Weekly “Character Contest” posts will be made on Facebook as well as on Twitter the Monday of each week during the Contest Period.
    5. Submissions will be accepted as a comment to the weekly Character Contest Post on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week only.
    6. Individuals may vote on their favorite character submission by liking the comment Monday through Saturday of the week for that particular post.
    7. The Winner/s will be announced on each Sunday through the end of the Contest Period.
    8. If entering through Facebook:
      1. You must make a comment under the original Facebook post announcing the current week’s Character Contest.
      2. You will attach an image to your comment along with a 1-2 sentence description as part of the same comment. Please scroll to the end of the rules for an example image of a submission.
      3. Encourage your friends and followers to “like” or otherwise react to your character submission.
      4. It is not required, however, we encourage the use of the hashtags #BeNeverEnding, #NeverEnding, and/or #CharacterContest in your post comment.
  1. If entering through Twitter:
    1. You must reply to the original Tweet announcing the current week’s Character Contest.
    2. You will attach an image to your reply along with a 1-2 sentence description as part of the same reply.
    3. Encourage your friends and followers to “like” your character submission.
    4. It is not required, however, we encourage the use of the hashtags #BeNeverEnding, #NeverEnidng, and/or #CharacterContest in your tweet comment.
  1. Judging and Selection
    1. Submissions will be accepted as comments to each week’s Character Contest Post Monday through Thursday of the week. Individual’s may vote on their favorite submission by “liking” the submission.
    2. The top ten (10) popular submissions will be assessed by the NeverEnding team.
    3.  Submissions to the Contest will be assessed based on creativity, quirkiness, quality of the character design, and/or other subjective factors. Entries will be screened and evaluated by a panel of judges from the NeverEnding team. There will be a selection of one (1) winner for this Contest for Twitter and one (1) winner of this Contest for Facebook.
    4. NeverEnding is the sole arbiter of the winning entries and all decisions are final. NeverEnding may, in its own judgement, deem that a submission must be disqualified for a violation of rules or values, in which case another winner may be chosen at NeverEnding’s sole discretion.
  1. Prizes
    1. The winner will comprise one (1) winning character submission for Twitter and a one (1) separate winning character submission for Facebook. The winner will receive an Amazon gift card with a value of USD$25.00.
    2. Upon notification, the winner must respond within 3 business days and provide the necessary details via direct message or email to obtain the Prize.
    3. International and other users are responsible for ensuring that they are eligible to receive and use an Amazon Gift card in their country.
    4. NeverEnding is not responsible for lost or damaged gift cards.
    5. NeverEnding is not responsible for any taxes or fees that may result from the receipt or use of any prize.
  1. Notification of the Winner
    1.  NeverEnding will announce the winner of the contest via Facebook and Twitter the following Sunday of each week’s Character Contest posting.
    2. NeverEnding, at its own discretion, may choose to select more than one winner from the entire pool of submissions.
    3. The Contest winner will be contacted via Facebook or Twitter message, tagged social media post, and/or reply to submission, if direct messaging is not available.
    4. If the first chosen winner does not respond within three (3) business days with the information necessary to secure their prize, NeverEnding reserves the right to notify the runner-up as the recipient of the prize. 
  1. Content
    1. Per NeverEnding’s Terms of Service, character images you create using NeverEnding’s art assets are NeverEnding’s Intellectual property, and we grant you, the user, a limited, non-exclusive license to share, post, and use your character submission for any non-commercial and non-illegal purpose.
  1. Other Rules and Regulations
    1. NeverEnding reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel, or terminate the Contest in the event that may jeopardize operations or for any other reason, at its sole discretion.
    2. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry or contestant that does not follow the Rules described herein or violates NeverEnding’s Terms of Service.
    3. We expressly disclaim any warranty and we cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results. In no event shall we be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, statutory, special or punitive damages, including lost profit damages arising from your entry into the Contest.
    4. Contestants or other participants indemnify and hereby hold harmless NeverEnding, its agents, employees, investors, partners, associates, and successors from any damages or harms which may or could arise, now or in the future, from their use of NeverEnding’s platform, submission to the contest, or other participation.
  1. Disputes 
    1. NeverEnding is the sole arbiter of the contest rules and regulations, and may change them at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion.
    2. Should there be any dispute relating to this Contest or Agreement, the parties involved will attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith. If the conflict is not resolved, any dispute, claim, or controversy relating to this Contest shall be determined exclusively through arbitration in Cleveland, Ohio.
  1. Privacy Policy
    1. Please refer to NeverEnding’s Privacy Policy here.

Example of how to submit.
Submit your character created using BeNeverEnding.app and 1 – 2 sentence description as a reply to the contest post for that week.