4 Jan 21. | Author: John Doe

Dear NeverEnding, Nick’s Nuptials

Dear NeverEnding,

I am married to one of the sweetest young ladies ever. However, she’s unfamiliar with TTRPGs but humors me anyway. On game day, she’ll even put a batch of cookies into the oven for me and my pals before she leaves the house so that we can play in peace. The problem is my birthday is coming up. She’s been dropping hints about a great D&D gift that she’s ordered from Etsy for me. I really want this sweet 6 pocket dice bag but I’m afraid that I’ll end up with more dragon figurines or a wizard cape that she made one year. Is it bad taste to just give her an amazon wish list?

Sincerely, Nick, most definitely not a Wizard

Nick, let the Mother of Dragons sit you down for “the talk” about marriage and gaming. We’ve all gotten copies of the Forgotten Realms of Faerun while we were in the midst of a campaign for Eberron by some well-meaning loved one who was “doing their best” to get us something nice. It’s called faking it. Just do it. D&D is about fantasy and being inclusive. So, do your best to include your spouse in your world as much as she can be. I bet that she vacuums around your game table and moved her autumn wreath craft project to another room so that you’d be more comfortable. It’s okay, just employ some of your acting skills and be genuinely grateful.