18 Oct 20. | Author: John Doe

Dear NeverEnding, Lilith’s Lament

Dear NeverEnding,

Help! I’ve mastered sourdough, knitted sweaters for all of my cats, and have successfully cut my own bangs. I desperately need to game soon or else I’ll start another dubious hobby that none of my friends are interested in seeing Instagram photos of. This quarantine has all of my usual gaming buddies concerned so we have, understandably, put a temporary break on in-person meet ups. What’s the best way to D&D for now?

Sincerely, Lilith, the Multi-talented

Photography by Shane Rounce

Seek community.

The Mother of Dragons is going to council you to keep an open mind. A lone wolf will find a pack, an eagle shall soar with other majestic beasts of the air, and you, my dear, might be the next lioness to lead a pride. Take heart. There are others out there who are looking to form new gaming groups. Practice using Zoom and try some virtual meetups to find like minded gamers. A great place to start is your local gaming store which might be organizing online events for their customers.