6 Sep 20. | Author: John Doe

Dear NeverEnding, Kerrigan’s Conundrum

Dear NeverEnding, 

I’m so frustrated!  As a DM, I put a lot of time into preparing for game day.  I read my “Remarkable Inns” book back to back and then prepare detailed notes.  I even do vocal exercises before my guests arrive to make sure that I’m in top shape to do the different voices for my characters! Oftentimes, preparing for a game will take up to a week.  All of this just for my friends to show up with their greasy bags of potato chips to crunch their way through yet another game!  I dearly love them but what can I do to steer them towards a better game experience? I am at my absolute wits end!


Kerrigan the Red Bearded Destructress/part time DM 

Multi-Tasking is key.

It’s Sunday and the Mother of Dragons is gonna weigh in on the whole “is it okay for players to eat during a game” debate.  She says an emphatic yes–keep thy strength up during those hours-long campaigns!  Even after a day of tending to her Dothraki villagers, she still has time to prep for Game Day.  Firstly, put on a soothing green tea face mask (self care is key for lady rulers) and then prepare your quiche which can be served at room temp. A game morning brunch is easy to host if each player, er wizard or orc, observes basic manners and brings along another breakfast item such as the avocados or breakfast potatoes as pictured below.  (See how the food adds to the realism of the tavern scene from “Remarkable Inns”?) The meal should fit neatly behind the DM’s screen alongside his or her dice and notes. Helpful hint, use appetizer sized place settings so that everything fits on the table and plastic champagne flutes to pour the magic potion for guests.  Huzzah!

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