15 Nov 20. | Author: John Doe

Dear NeverEnding, Cieran’s Compromise

Dear NeverEnding, 

My significant other has been obsessed with the idea of a “she shed” since she has a renewed interest in building a studio for her singing career.  What should I do?  Our old tool shed should  be converted into a DM sanctuary where I can store  my dice, D&D books, and wizard capes.  She argues that I need to nurture her new hobby while I say that I could save hours a week if I didn’t have to pack up everything into the basement after each game.


Cieran the Destroyer of Worlds/freelance DM for hire

Cieran, D&D is meant to bring people together, not drive them apart! You and your significant other do not have to choose between either pursuit!  See our suggested setup above using our scene generator.  You have an ideal command center to run games as DM and your wife will be able to use the same space for recording tracks (see how well insulated the cave-space is) or shooting a demo reel.  Oh, and help yourself to some of the gold coins to renovate the rest of your house.

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