6 Sep 20. | Author: John Doe

Apotheosis Studios

Hello Everyone!

Our friends over at Apotheosis Studios have an exciting new kickstarter we think you need to know about.

The Red Opera, Last Days of the Warlock

This RPG campaign designed for 5e is a complete package: It features an official soundtrack, multiple endings, branching side quests and the ever important tragic story.

Did we mention the city ruled by Warlocks? We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the city of Yon’Cath with its Accursed King. (and checking out the new Warlock classes!)

Some additional highlights:

  • Full 90,000+ word campaign for all tiers of play. Can be run either as a Tier 4, level 20 adventure or be scaled to a level 1 beginner campaign. 
  • Designed for Storytellers; with new Warlock classes, setting updates, side quests, story branches and three-beat story structure for each act.
  • Multiple endings based on player choice where the party can dictate the future of the Shadelands and shape the destiny of things to come.

A fun twist I will enjoy is that any PC can make a pact with a Patron while reaping the benefits or paying the price. The Red Opera is a truly unique experience that will allow you to run the game several times, each time offering a different adventure. All while listening to a tailored, metal-inspired opera soundtrack. What more do we need to say??

To get you even more hyped for the release, you can preview the soundtrack by DiAmorte and The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra along with a 33-page sample of the core book on their Kickstarter page.

We are thrilled to be able to support such an immersive campaign that brings Warlocks into the spotlight. Be sure to back their Kickstarter ending October 1st!