3 Sep 20. | Author: John Doe

An update (and sneak peek) for our Backers!

Pledge Manager Closing SOON! (plus a sneak peek)

There are several of you who haven’t logged into the Pledge Manager yet and selected your rewards. 

Please check your spam for your invite, sent in JULY.

You can also go directly to the project page on GameFound – https://gamefound.com/projects/neverending/neverending-bring-your-stories-to-life#/

We’ve started sending out character commission forms. If we sent you one, please complete it so we can get you on the schedule. If you’re owed one and you haven’t gotten it yet, you should get it today. (but also check your spam box)

In other news, if you haven’t joined our email list yet, I invite you to do that now. Just go to our https://beneverending.com/ You can enter your name and email at the Bottom of the page, to join the list! We’ll be sending out polls regarding features for the character builder. We’d love to get your feedback, and you joining our email list is the best way. We send out messages maybe once per month, so we’re not spammy. 🙂

We’re redoing the battle crouch pose and have another pose for spellcasters (works for other classes too) that will be released in the Beta. 

Thought you might like a sneak peek!

Ready for Battle!

We’re also expanding the eye, mouth, and eyebrow options to allows for a wide range of emotional expressions, as you can see here:

Jeepers, Creepers – Where’d you get those peepers?

We’ve had some team members struggle with some personal issues and family illness (thanks, 2020), BUT we’re still on track for an October Beta Release of the Character Builder, barring anyone else getting sick!

Since we can’t really close the pledge manager just yet, please share it around on your social media accounts. I’m 90% sure we unlocked another stretch goal – but until everyone gets their pledge in for sure, we won’t know. AND it sure would be cool to unlock another! SPREAD THE WORD!