Character Builder updates for the week of April 2nd!

Hello Everyone!

This week we have some AWESOME new hairstyles for you!

Head on over to and try them out!

Sharing our Passion

If you follow us on Social Media, you may have seen that we’ve been chatting with some awesome folks about what we do at NeverEnding. Check them out if you haven’t yet:

NeverEnding: An Interview With Jamie VanDoren

NeverEnding character portrait generator to add prosthetics

Make a Quick Character Portrait with NeverEnding

11 more users to 2k!

As of today we are at 1,989 users on the app! That is amazing!! It has been a crazy year indeed… and we have all of you to thank, we wouldn’t be here without you.


We just unlocked our 4th Stretch Goal, Animal Companions! With this goal comes an Exclusive Baby Golden Dragon Companion! Isn’t it cute?!

Our next goal is for additional Anthropomorphic Character options! When we hit $6k we will unlock Wolf and Fox characters!

Help us unlock this goal by backing and sharing with everyone you know! 

One more sneak peek for you! Check out the WIP of one of our animal companions we have planned:

Thank you, as always and see you next week!

Character Builder updates for the week of March 26th!

Hello Everyone!

This week’s new assets are from the theme “Rippling Pecs!”… because they’re all chest pieces… get it?

If you missed last week’s email, you missed that we added TWENTY EIGHT new art assets to the builder! Head on over to and check them out for yourself. Don’t forget to share your creations using #OCbyNE so we can see them and share them too!


This week we unlocked our 2nd stretch goal, Pirates! Now we are working to unlock #3… BIRD FOLK! As of right now we are only $79 away from unlocking it!

We already have one avian option, but this stretch goal will unlock additional options like these:

If you haven’t already, head over to our Kickstarter and get in on the action for as low as $9! 


Thursday our CEO, Jamie, chatted with the folks at Nerdarchy about NeverEnding and our Kickstarter. Check it out!

We want to hear from you!

Are their any things you’d like to see in the builder that we haven’t added yet? Let us know! Email us at, hit us up on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, or use the Support/Feedback link in the app… we’re easy to get a hold of!

There are 16 days left in the Kickstarter, help us get the word out! 

Thank you & see you next week!

Character Builder updates for the week of March 19th!

Hello Everyone!

This week we added 28 different assets to the builder, including 6 new hair styles, 4 ears, facial hair, armor pieces and more! Here are some of the new characters we’ve built using a few of them, head on over to to see everything we’ve added!


Now you have the option to set your profile picture to one of your characters and select custom backgrounds!


We had an awesome Kickstarter launch, and were able to add this great little sticker to our banner:

We have sold out of the Early Bird Tier and smashed through our first stretch goal, a non binary body type! We are inching closer to our next stretch goal: PIRATES!

Help us bring Pirates (as well as Bird Folk, Animal Companions and more) to the Character Builder by backing and sharing our Kickstarter!

New Partners

As you know, we are proud sponsors of DnD Surprise Party which streams Wednesdays at 7:00pm EDT, so we are also happy to introduce TWO new streams that we are partnering with:

PlayersAndCreators, which streams their Wildemount Campaign Thursdays at 7:30pm EDT


Secret Adventurers Society which streams every other Wednesday at 7:30pm CT!

Thank you all for your support, see you next week!

Character Builder updates for the week of March 12th!

Hello Everyone!

This week we are adding the remaining Year of the Ox weapons! This exclusive collection is for those who secure a Hireling or Hero memberships by March 27th! Be sure to unlock these exclusive assets by creating or upgrading your account at

Bug Fixes and New Features

  • Character previews should load faster
  • You can add a number as a searchable tag to your character, not just a word like “elf”
  • In your profile, there’s a section to list your proficiencies (like DMing, cartography, or character commissions). You can not search user profiles by those proficiencies.


You know we love to give you all sneak peeks of what we’re working on, how about a look at new assets for our new Kickstarter? These assets are exclusively for Kickstarter II launching March 16th,  and will be available later as add-ons. Backers from our first Kickstarter who selected the “All You Survey” add on will also receive these!

Be sure to follow our Kickstarter to be notified at launch, and spread the word! 

Big Asset Roll Out!

We’re planning a big asset roll out around the Kickstarter launch date! Here are some WIPs from our Artists, what do you think?

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Character Builder updates for the week of March 5th!

Hello Everyone!

This week’s new assets come from the theme “Winter Wonderland”, and we are happy to add another long hairstyle to the lineup!

We had some bug fixes go live after our email went out last week, including bugs relating layering issues. That means long hair and beards are ready to use! Now go forth and create!

Kickstarter #2 Update

We decided to delay the launch of our Kickstarter to give us a little more time to get people excited! If you haven’t already, you can follow the campaign and be notified at launch:

Our new anticipated launch date is March 16th!

We also have something special planned– exclusively for backers of our first Kickstarter who also support the second campaign.

NOTE: We’re still working on the full platform (scene builder and story animator), these additional funds will help us introduce additional character options, without losing momentum on the rest of the features in development.

A Sneak Peek?

Speaking of continuing to work on new features, we are getting closer to launching our character token options! What do you think of this updated Builder layout as well??

Soon you will be able to download your characters tokens, ready to use in your online games!

Lunar New Year Exclusive Assets

Remember we still have our Lunar New Year Assets available to to those who secure a Hireling or Hero membership by March 27th! Be sure to unlock these exclusive assets by creating or upgrading your account at

As always, thank you for your support. See you next week!

Character Builder updates for the week of February 26th

Hello, Everyone!

This week we have added more assets to our Year of the Ox promotion, which will only be available to those who secure a Hireling or Hero memberships by March 27th! Be sure to unlock these exclusive assets by creating or upgrading your account at We will have some additional weapons in this promotion as well, so stay tuned!

Our Devs have been hard at work testing new features and crushing bugs related to asset layering. Those updates should go live today around 3 pm EST!


We mentioned launching a second, smaller Kickstarter to fund some new body types (since people have been asking for those). We finally have more details to share!

NOTE: We’re still working on the full platform (scene builder and story animator) these additional funds will help us introduce these additional character options, without losing momentum on the rest of the features in development.

We’ve already begun work on these new body types, and are happy to share a sneak peek! How awesome are these Barbarian, Bard, Wizard and Paladin assets as well?? I can’t wait to see what else our artists come up with!

We’re finalizing tiers and rewards, and are including something special – exclusively for backers of our first Kickstarter. Don’t miss out!
Please follow (and share) our Kickstarter page so you don’t miss anything –

We couldn’t do this without you all, thank you for your support!

Character Builder updates for the week of February 19th!

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and warm this week!

As we mentioned last week, we are adding assets from the theme ‘Year of the Ox’. We extended our offer for these limited edition assets to include anyone with a Hireling or Hero membership in March! Now is a great time to sign up or upgrade your membership at

Hmm… It seems like a Rogue Mask must have snuck into the new releases as well!

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Unfortunately the long hair and beard layer fix took longer than expected. However, we have the issue fixed and we’re testing the solution before making it live. If the fix doesn’t cause any bugs, it should be live by Monday at the latest!
  • Member achievements are now permanent
  • Characters can wear pants and skirts at the same time
  • Lunar New Year Achievement added

Looking for Streams

As we’ve mentioned before, we are a proud sponsor of the D&D Surprise Party stream on Twitch!

We are looking for more TTRPG streams and podcasts to sponsor. More specifically, we are looking for newer, smaller streams to work with! Send us your recommendations at or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

Sneak Peek

We’re continuing to work with our Disability Advisors on developing an inclusive collection of art assets. These crutches are our newest ones!


Using feedback from our subscribers and social media following, we plan to launch a new Kickstarter in March. This will allow us to add additional body types and character options. We will keep you updated on our progress!

See you next week, thank you!!

Character Builder updates for the week of February 12th!

Hey Everyone!

This week’s new assets are from the theme: ‘The Woodfolk’, and we are excited to share our first long hairstyle!

You may have seen on our Kickstarter and Blog updates that we are working though a bug with the beards and long hair. We’ll have that sorted out before the weekend is over!

Other Bug Fixes:

Optimized character lists, settings page, and UI/UX designs

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! All through February, Hireling and Hero tier members will receive special “Year of the Ox” assets including, weapons, horns, and more! Not a member yet? Head over to and sign up! (It’s on Sale!)

New Pricing

Nearly 1,000 people are using the Character Builder! We’re celebrating by making access even easier!

Monthly membership is now ONLY $1/month with a 30 day free trial, and the Annual membership is ONLY $9/year with a 60 day free trial.

All of our Kickstarter backers already had significant time added to their memberships/subscriptions. We’ll also compensate our backers with in-app currency (once we roll it out and/or special assets). You can read our full update on our Kickstarter Page!

D&D Surprise Party

Last week, the cast of D&D Surprise Party revealed their new character art, created in the Character Builder! Be sure to check out their stream, Wednesdays @ 7pm ET on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch Channel!

Advisory Panel

We’ve been continuing our work with our panel of Disability Advisors, with another meeting last week. They are providing us with great advice and insight, and we have some sneak peeks and concepts to share with you!

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

Thank you for your support, see you next week!

This week’s Character Builder update

Hello Everyone!

This week’s new assets come from the theme “A Sneaky Shoulder to Lean on” AND BEARDS! We mentioned they were coming soon, and they are finally here!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved asset loading times, making the creation much smoother
  • Updated account creation process

New Features

Last week our Community Page went live, allowing you to the public profiles of NeverEnding users, and now you can view all public characters and their bios! Be sure to head on over to your profile on, make it public, and do the same with your favorite characters.

You’ll also notice we updated the ‘More’ tab in the Character Builder. You now have more options, and can access your library right from this screen.

Coming Soon

We found this amongst the Goblins… we’re not sure what it means yet. Stay tuned!


Yesterday we had round 2 of our disability panel. We are excited to share what we’ve come up with, we’ll have some new previews for you next week!

February 12th is the Chinese New Year! This year will be the Year of the Ox, and we will have some new art assets to celebrate. Here’s a sneak peek at what our artists are working on:

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and we want to take extra care to continue uplift and empower Black Creators. Each day in February, we’d like to support someone in the community. Please share your favorite Black Creators with us on Twitter!

New Users

The more users we can bring to NeverEnding, the more cool stuff we can continue to create for all of you! If each of our subscribers referred one new user, we’d hit our goal of 2,000 new users. Please share your creations with your friends and on Social Media, tagging us (@beneverending on Twitter, FB, IG) and using the hashtag #OCbyNE.

Thank you, as always!