This week’s Character Builder Updates!

Hello Everyone!

This week we have some very exciting asset and feature additions!

Our armor set this week is from the theme ‘Oh Holy Stats!’ (…because they’re a cleric, get it??). We have also added bird and bat wings and a set of antlers.

All of these assets, except the bird wings, are for Hero Tier and higher, but never fear! You can upgrade your account in January and get a whole year of access for only $19!

We have also fixed the following bugs this week:

  • Character Builder crashing
  • Loading time issues

New Features!!!

We have 2 new features going live this week:

  • Your characters will auto save as you are working on them.
  • Parts now highlight as you are coloring them, so you can easily see what piece you are working on!
Note: If you are ever unable to see any of the new art or features, try a hard refresh: CTRL+F5 for Windows, and CTRL+SHIFT+R for Mac.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned next week for a big update!

A handy-dandy create new character button, expanded options in your profile, the ability to show off your characters and browse characters created by others, and you’ll be able to search for players who are looking for a group or DMs looking for players!

Some Great Advice

Thursday we did the work of reviewing how users might create characters/avatars with amputations, prosthetics, and wheelchairs. Our disability advisor panel offered us feedback and advice to ensure that we avoid stigmatizing experiences, while allowing people to create heroic disabled characters. We are looking forward to getting these assets live!

A big sincere THANK YOU to our first round of disability advisors:






An Awesome Interview

Last week our founder had a chat with the folks over at Grit Daily about his background and how NeverEnding began! Check out the full article here.

Speaking of how NeverEnding began, this Sunday is our very first birthday! It’s crazy to think it’s only been a year, thank you all for helping us make it awesome.

See you next week!

This week’s Character Builder updates!

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t upgraded your Free Villager Tier account yet, guess what? Now is the perfect time! If you upgrade to the Hero Tier by January 31, you’ll save $5. That’s right a whole year for just $19. (Want to buy it for your DM or a player? Email us at we’ll take care of it for you.)

This week we are introducing assets from the theme ‘El Naturale’!

Coming Soon

Beards! Soon you’ll be able to build the Dwarf of your dreams!

We are continuing the work of adding prosthetics to the character builder. These will be great for people with or without disabilities to make cool new characters! We have 2 types so far: Wooden and Magical Energy. What do you think?

How about a Contest??

We’re gauging interest for a NPC (Non Player Character) Creation contest we’d like to host! Share your thoughts with us:

DnD Surprise Party!

Hopefully you caught the premier of DnD Surprise Party on Twitch Wednesday. We are very happy to be their sponsor and even more excited to meet the characters we’d be creating art for!

Check out their first episode “Welcome to Saltmarsh” on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch. If you aren’t familiar, the players each had a Session 0 with the DM, but had no idea who they’d be playing with until this first episode!

New Feature Reminder

Last thing. You’ll soon be able to browse other people’s profiles (if they’re marked public) and see who is looking for a game and what game system they prefer. So, take advantage of this opportunity to get your profiles updated!

Thank you, and see you next week!

This week’s Character Builder updates!

This week we have added 3 new assets for our Character Builder for our Hero Tier and up! This set’s theme is: ‘Going Rogue.


Coming soon, users will be able to browse public profiles and characters. You’ll also be able to see who is looking for a group or player! You can change your privacy settings and update your info in the ‘Profile’ section of the Character Builder.

There are even more exciting things happening over here:

Next Week

We have the honor of attending the first-ever virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show)! We will be presenting and answering questions January 11th-14th. Wish us luck!

Speaking of Growth

We have grown from 144 users on December 1st to OVER 700 users today! To celebrate, we have decided to extend our holiday sale. Users will continue to be able to upgrade their free account using code MERRY2020 and receive 90 days free until January 14! But all through January you’ll receive an even BIGGER discount if you sign up for a full year. We’re reducing the Hero Tier subscription to $19 for a year’s worth of access! Thank you all for your support!


If you recall, some of our Lifetime Tier Kickstarter backers received character commissions, and we finished the first one! Meet Magnus Blackthorn:

Our artists are looking forward to tackling the rest of the commissions!

Another Kickstarter? Maybe.

In last week’s email we mentioned seeking out additional funding for the development of some additional body types, prosthetics and equipables. We are considering a Kickstarter to help fund these important features, so NeverEnding is more inclusive and welcoming to everyone! Wheelchairs would be an important stretch goal. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project and if we should do it. Send us an email at if you are interested!

Chaotic Tiefling

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce that NeverEnding will be the Official Sponsor for the first season of “DnD Surprise Party” by Chaotic Tiefling Productions.  You can catch the show Wednesday January 13th on their Twitch channel or uploaded later to their YouTube.

Thank you, as always!

New Art Assets and Bug Fixes (& a SALE!)

Holiday Special! Upgrade your free account to Hireling using code MERRY2020 to get 90 days free!

Hello Everyone,

Starting this week, we will be sharing weekly updates with art asset additions and bug fixes in our Character Builder! Enjoy!

We will be having a much larger update on December 22nd, but these new assets are live NOW!

We’ve also fixed some things:

Now, when you pick a body color, heads and ears automatically update to the same color.

On the “Share” Tab, your character name is now visible and we updated the additional text.

We fixed the issue where certain ears had crashed the app.

We fixed the armor assets that weren’t displaying properly on the body.

Pricing has been updated to correctly show the ACTUAL price for the character builder ($3 per month/Hireling or $24 for the year/Hero).

(New Feature) You can now enter information about your character in the cool “Character Bio”

We have seen that some of the assets aren’t perfect, and we are working on it!

We hope you are enjoying the Character Builder Beta, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for our update! Thank you!

Holiday Special! Upgrade your free account to Hireling using code MERRY2020 to get 90 days free!