Character builder updates for the week of August 30th!

We meet again, comrades!

It’s been an extra week because we switched over to bi-weekly updates, but we promise that it’s worth the wait. Before we pull back the curtain, we want to thank all 5,800 of you for using NeverEnding to tell your awesome stories!

New Features!

  • Outfits fit for a swashbuckling pirate or high elf cleric (we’ve even got a more modern outfit if that’s more your jam)
  • Customizable Fey wings
  • Companions that’s always stick by your side
  • A sunny shore background
  • Weapons, weapons and more weapons

Give your faerie the chance to spread their wings and fly with our new selection of wings. The best part? They’re customizable, so you can match any set to your character’s exact look. We’re excited to see what you guys create with these!

We have a whole new selection of companions that’ll make you want to cast ‘speak with animals’. You can pick from our pre-colored selection of friends, or customize each animal to fit exactly the look you need. Haven’t you ever wanted a roaring bear sidekick?

Take some time for a long rest on these sunny shores. With our new idyllic background, you can give a fisherman NPC a place to set up shop or a pirate somewhere to wash ashore.

Did someone order 32 new weapons? Don’t worry, we delivered. Choose from an array of cool new weapons that are sure to pack a punch in combat — we are eyeing the glowing green sword, what about you?

We’re excited to see the awesome things you guys create! Follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to see concept art and get the very latest on what’s coming soon. See you next time!

Character Builder updates for the week of July 18th!

Hello again heroes!

Last week we played with fire and cooled down with ice, but this week we’re going to take a stroll through a quiet village with new backgrounds and don our new character build items.

New Features!

  • Cobblestone village backgrounds, great for NPC builds
  • A selection of new hats and a new hair option
  • Swash Buckler outfit
  • Necromancy and Light spells

If you’re in need of the finishing touch for a character’s look to come together, try one of the new hats added to our character builder. Once you’ve picked out a feathered or witch’s hat, try pairing it with our new braided hairstyle!

Have you been wanting to bring your swash buckling creation to life? With new clothing items to equip, you can make that dream a reality! These designs are just as good in addition to other pieces as they are alone.

Step into the dark side with a haunting necromancy spell, or conjure a magnificent beam of light with our added spell options. A new smoke spell adds an eerie element to any character build. Pair all of these items together and you’re guaranteed a wonderfully unique character of your own.

Before the month comes to a close, celebrate Christmas in July by signing up for a free account at You’ll get full access to exclusive items when you sign up and use our character builder this month!