New Art Assets and Bug Fixes (& a SALE!)

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Hello Everyone,

Starting this week, we will be sharing weekly updates with art asset additions and bug fixes in our Character Builder! Enjoy!

We will be having a much larger update on December 22nd, but these new assets are live NOW!

We’ve also fixed some things:

Now, when you pick a body color, heads and ears automatically update to the same color.

On the “Share” Tab, your character name is now visible and we updated the additional text.

We fixed the issue where certain ears had crashed the app.

We fixed the armor assets that weren’t displaying properly on the body.

Pricing has been updated to correctly show the ACTUAL price for the character builder ($3 per month/Hireling or $24 for the year/Hero).

(New Feature) You can now enter information about your character in the cool “Character Bio”

We have seen that some of the assets aren’t perfect, and we are working on it!

We hope you are enjoying the Character Builder Beta, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for our update! Thank you!

Holiday Special! Upgrade your free account to Hireling using code MERRY2020 to get 90 days free!

Beta Launch Delay

I was hoping to share exciting news about our planned launch today. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I can’t emphasize enough how much work everyone is putting in. But no matter how much work you do – with software especially – there are unexpected things that come up. We ran into some backend issues both with files, some naming structures, and also with how we classify some of the art assets. Nothing insurmountable. All easily fixable, if a little time consuming.

What does that mean for launch date?

All hands are on deck as we work through these fixes. We plan to have a code freeze November 23. This will allow us to do some testing, so we’re fully prepped and ready for a December 1 launch. Yes – this is a bigger delay than we wanted. But we also don’t want to launch a couple of days before Thanksgiving. We want to be able to test for and resolve bugs.

For Kickstarter Backers

If possible, we’ll be reaching out to many of you to give you the opportunity to test things out, prior to December 1 release. Let us know if you want on that list. If you have other questions or anything, please let me know. You can contact us here in the comments, on our social media, or at

I assure you everyone is doing their best. None of us are happy about the delay. We are going to get you a really good product and I think you’ll enjoy even just the Beta version of the Character Builder.

– Jamie