Diversify your NPC builds!

Creating Non-player character (NPC) portraits or tokens for virtual tabletop platforms (VTTs) is normally tedious work for a game master, especially when you need to make multiple versions to represent a group of NPCs, such as guards or bandits. Many character builders make it difficult to remake the same kind of character consistently over and over again. Instead of spending countless hours surfing the web for images that are “close enough” or building your NPCs piece by piece every time, we’ve got a solution!

Our character builder is designed to quickly and easily make your characters come to life. Creating your NPC images should be no different. Using our character builder, you can completely customize the character you make, save it, make a duplicate, and then switch out features to add diversity to your NPCs.

Using the character builder, you can also add an extra dimension to your NPCs using accessories, backdrops, or even the turn your full body character portrait into a VTT token! Add some variety to your games by whipping up tokens for each of the NPCs you create, which can be uploaded to popular gaming platforms like Roll20 or Foundry (though there are a bunch of virtual gaming platforms).

We want to see the characters you create, so check out our character builder contest here!

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