How NeverEnding Works

Level up Your Story!

As an amateur animator, you’ll be able to select from a wide array of included art assets: backgrounds, characters, objects, equipment. You’ll set your scene with drag and drop functionality. Imagine changing poses with a click of a button so you can create portraits, storyboards, stop motion animation. OR go big, with full animation to help bring the ideas in your head to life on the screen.

Pro Tip: Not just videos. you can ALSO create and download custom character portraits, Party Portraits, and Digital Tabletop Tokens!

Record your Game or import audio

We’re making it possible for you to record your actual play session on the platform. That gives you the opportunity to “tag” moments that are important. You’ll choose from tags like: funny, boss battle, roll-play – even cross-talk, so you know those moments your group is just fighting for the last slice of pizza

If you don’t want to record your session, you can just upload your own audio.

NeverEnding has simple tools that allow you to trim your recordings, add sound effects, music, and more. You can edit audio before or after you build your scene.

How do you build a scene?

By using the tons of free art assets that come with a subscription to NeverEnding!


You can easily select from a variety of common backgrounds: forest scenes, caverns, dungeons, town square, tavern and more.

Adjust your scene by zooming in or out or sliding the background left or right.


Backgrounds and scenes are further customized with placeables: trees, bushes, barrels, carts, campfires, huts, tents, treasure chests… the list goes on.
Placeables are applied in layers, creating depth to your scene. It also means characters (or Monsters) can hide behind them


No story is complete without characters. NeverEnding allows you to customize your characters and save them or sort through a library of pre-built NPCs. Fighter, wizards, rogues, warlocks, clerics – they’re all there.

Outfits, armor, hairstyle, eyes, jaws, noses – all customizable for you. Plus just place and pose with a few clicks.


Backpack? Check. Quiver of arrows? Check? Sword and shield? Check. Plus wands, hammers, axes, scrolls, torches, and so much more.
Some equipables go in the hand others attach to the body. Plus, every equipable, is also a placeable. So, if you want to leave that sword leaned up against the treasure chest, you can do that.


Every hero needs an antagonist, and NeverEnding has you covered. From classic horde monsters like undead, goblins, and kobolds to other iconic creatures like ogres, owlbears, and dragons there are lots of options to choose from!
Just like any asset, monsters can be made larger or smaller and placed anywhere on the screen, to help build your perfect scene.

Spell Effects

A special type of object is the spell effect. Magic is a critical component of a lot of table-top role-playing games, so having a separate menu of magical effects is important.

There’s the classic fireball, of course. But you also have the glow of a magical weapon, a wall of water, circle of protection, and more.

Animating and exporting

There are two main modes in NeverEnding: Storyboard and Video

Storyboard mode is extra easy to use. You build each board as a separate scene. You can duplicate a previous one, to adjust the same scene or start one from scratch to capture a different perspective. Storyboard mode lets you download one or more stills as a portrait, comic strip, or as an animatic (think stop motion animation).

Video mode is still easy with simple click animations that you can speed up or slow down. You can easily match the movement to your imported audio recording. You won’t get studio quality animation. You also don’t need how to draw or spend hours upon hours crafting the animation yourself!

We’re launching a Kickstarter June 12, 2020 to help us take our prototype to a whole new level, with color customization, more pre-programmed animations, more features, and more art assets.

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