Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have question? We understand that BeNeverEnding is a new way of doing things, so if there is anything you need to ask, then write to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Browse through these FAQs to find the answers to commonly raised questions


We’re developing a brand new social media space, where anyone can take the ideas in their head and reign them to life on the screen as custom illustrations or animated videos - No Art Skills Required!

We have a beta of Module 1 our Character Builder available today. You can use the Character Builder to create a custom avatar for use in your tabletop games or on social media. Unlike other character/avatar builder tools, we’re heavily focused on inclusion and representation - including disabilities. Because everyone deserves to be seen as the hero of their story!

  • We’re building out the social media features so you can browse like, and favorite content.
  • Easily change poses for your character with simple point/click tools.
  • Build a scene by placing backgrounds, objects, characters.
  • Then animate those characters to turn YOUR session into an animated video.
  • We’re making it so you can record your gaming session and tag the best moments. Afterwards easily trim/edit the audio.

Yes, to both. While our initial focus is on fantasy, and we're adding new assets weekly, we're slowly introducing additional genres. If you have a specific request, we need to hear from you!

We also plan on expanding into additional art styles. For example, we'll be introducing manga style as well as more realistic and mature styles. We will eventually be allowing independent artists to sell their art in NeverEnding for use in the app. When artists are adding their own work, we'll see a lot more styles and genres. When we release the option, you'll be able to upload your own art, too.

We had to start somewhere, and our current cartoon style makes life easier on our art and development team. Expect us to begin rolling out new looks over the next year or so (sooner if more artists join the community store front when it launches).

We have grown from initially 140 users (Dec. 1) to over 700 today.

Nope! While many Tabletop gamers and streamers use NeverEnding to create and share their character avatars, anyone can use NeverEnding. Use your character as an avatar in social media. Create a character as a way to add additional depth to your short story or screenplay.

When we launch the full platform with the scene builder, story animator, and more social media features, NeverEnding will be a great space for any creative type, as well as a fantastic space to enjoy new original entertainment content.

Technical Stuff

Currently NeverEnding works best on Chrome, Firefox, and other major browsers. If you’re using a different browser and it’s not working for you, please email us at

For the initial Beta launch we focused on desktop compatibility, the full version of the Character Builder will be more mobile & tablet friendly! Those designs are coming SOON!

Currently app stores (like the Apple store) require you to pay about 30% of your revenue, just for the privilege of being in the store. As a new start up, that’s not a profitable decision. For now, our focus is on creating the best browser based tool we can. Mobile versions of NeverEnding are coming soon!

If you find a bug, email us at or follow this link to complete a Google form. We appreciate any and all feedback and we’ll be in touch!

Account Questions

You do not lose anything! If your membership expires and you decide not to renew, you'll still have access to all your creations directly on NeverEnding! You can still make changes to your profile and you can still decide what to share publicly or privately. You're able to save all your characters, scenes, and videos to your profile on NeverEnding. You can also download them - and you never lose access to your DLC.

If you renew later (whether for a month or a year), you'll be able to pick up right where you left off!

In order to comply with federally mandated privacy laws like COPPA, we need to know your date of birth (DOB). As the platform expands, DOB will impact access to certain features like mature content or chat, helping to ensure that certain features and content are not accessible by minors.

Never fear! We have kept track of everyone’s credits, and once we have additional downloadable content available for purchase (December), we will make sure you are able to access and use those credits

Achievements are a way we can reward you for using NeverEnding. They’ll get you access to unique assets you can use to build or customize characters and scenes. We’re also exploring in-app currency, and once that is implemented some achievement will give you in-app currency that you can use to purchase additional art assets.

A free account can create and save 10 characters, all of our paid memberships allow you to save an unlimited amount of characters.

We have two levels of paid memberships, Hireling and Hero. Hireling tier is $3, paid each month, and Hero tier is a one time purchase of $24 for a full year.

Until January 14th you can upgrade a free account and get 90 day free trial, or purchase a full year at a discounted rate of only $15.

You are free to downgrade your membership at anytime, and you won’t be billed further. While we do not have an official refund policy, we may, at our discretion, refund your membership fee. You must make the request within 5 days of your payment. NOTE: if you used the app to make a bunch of creations in a marathon content creation spree right before you request a refund, we’re probably not going to honor that request.

You always have the option to downgrade your membership. You still have access to ALL your characters and creations, even if you downgrade to a free account. Membership grants you access to advanced tools and assets.

If you are on a monthly plan, you will be billed monthly or annually on your anniversary date using whatever form of payment you input

There’ll be a link to reset your password below the columns to enter your login information. If you’ve forgotten your username, try entering your account with the email address you signed up with.

You can update your payment information through your user Nexus. On the bottom left, click the “membership” tab. Here, you will see your current membership and be able to change and update your payment information as needed.

Anyone can use the Character Builder Beta for free. You are limited in some of the assets you can choose, BUT there are still plenty of great characters you can create and share! You can also create bios for your character and share them in NeverEnding or download and share on your favorite social media.

Free users can also browse other user’s profiles and created content. There’s no charge for having fun!

Absolutely! You can create a free account and build up to 10 characters. The beta version for our character builder can be accessed through or you can check out our site

If you really want to delete your account, just send an email to from the same email address as your account. We’ll confirm with you that you really want to delete your account, because once you do you’ll lose everything you’ve created and we will not be able to restore it for you. Instead of deleting your account, consider downgrading to a Free membership (Villager Tier) and making everything private.

If you think another user has violated our community guidelines (, you can let us know by submitting a report. Violations include spam, graphic sexual or violent content, hateful or abusive posts, depictions of child or animal abuse, promotion of terrorism, copyright or trademark violations, privacy violations, and incorrect ESRB ratings. A full list of violations is included in our reporting form.

We will review the reported content. If it violates our community guidelines, it will be removed or made private (i.e. not viewable by the public), and the user who submitted the offensive content will receive an email explaining the violation and any consequences. A user reported for misconduct will have the chance to appeal the decision. Your name or username will not be included in the email.


Our current beta version was released on December 1, 2020. We are always updating and fixing bugs and releasing new assets and features on a regular basis.

We are targeting April 2021 as the release date for the Scene Builder. Developing software can be tricky, you can join our mailing list to learn of any release updates:

We are targeting August 2021 as the release date for the Story Animator. Developing software can be tricky, you can join our mailing list to learn of any release updates:

Join our mailing list to keep up to date on this release!

We are working away at additional assets, including long haired options. Join our mailing list for release updates!

Yes! We will continue to release expansion packs, which include new assets, poses, art styles and races.


You can find us on Facebook (NeverEnding, Inc.), Twitter, Instagram (@beneverending), and YouTube, or through our site

If you have any questions regarding our platform, feel free to contact us at or one of our social media pages: Facebook (NeverEnding, Inc.), Twitter, Instagram (@beneverending), and YouTube.

We currently have an audio and visual walkthrough tutorial in the works for our character builder, and all other features for the platform will have similar tutorials

The Character Builder is browser based, so an internet connection is required.

Absolutely! We are still working on this feature, so for now please email us at to give the gift of NeverEnding!

Once we get enough users on our character builder, we plan on contacting both Roll20 and D&D Beyond to see if we can have the platforms communicate, which would allow you to easily import tokens and character pics into their platform.

Right now, you can download your images to upload them to the program of your choice!

Join our mailing list to be among the first to learn of new releases:

You can also follow us on Facebook (NeverEnding, Inc.), Twitter and Instagram (@beneverending) and YouTube

NeverEnding comes with a private-use license. You are welcome to use your art and NeverEnding’s tools with the private-use license. If you are using our art, we offer sliding scale rates for commercial licenses to make it affordable for you! Get pricing and apply for a commercial license by emailing us at

YES! You can save your character in the full version, and we'll have tags you can add to sort your library of characters. For example, maybe you only want to see the elves you've made, or maybe you only want to see NPCs, or maybe only Villains, or characters for a certain campaign.

You'll also be able to select which characters show up in your profile in case you have some you want to show off!

Please do! Consider tagging us using the hashtag #OCbyNE to share your created characters, or #BeNeverEnding!

NeverEnding is being designed with a Curated Community Storefront - where you'll have access to downloadable content created by a wide array of artists. It's important to us to be a vehicle for artists to expand their reach, while also giving you access to way more content. So, if you're an artist, NeverEnding will be a tool for you to create new things with your art - And a place where you can sell your art.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please email us at

We love cons! Email us details about your event at

Absolutely! We want to make sure you’re able to create the characters and scenes you want, so please contact us at

Click the link at the bottom of any of our emails, we’re sorry to see you go!

Ooof! We’re so sorry and we wish we could help, but as the pop-up mentioned once you delete something, it is gone forever.

Teachers or advisers for K – 12 schools or clubs, we’re working on helping you get access to the Whole platform (Character Builder, Scene Builder, Story Animator), which will include additional collaborator keys, allowing multiple students to work within the platform at once. For now, if you’re interested in using NeverEnding in your classroom or school club, contact us at and we’ll set up special pricing and access for you, depending on your needs!