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This week’s Character Builder update

Hello Everyone!

This week’s new assets come from the theme “A Sneaky Shoulder to Lean on” AND BEARDS! We mentioned they were coming soon, and they are finally here!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved asset loading times, making the creation much smoother
  • Updated account creation process

New Features

Last week our Community Page went live, allowing you to the public profiles of NeverEnding users, and now you can view all public characters and their bios! Be sure to head on over to your profile on, make it public, and do the same with your favorite characters.

You’ll also notice we updated the ‘More’ tab in the Character Builder. You now have more options, and can access your library right from this screen.

Coming Soon

We found this amongst the Goblins… we’re not sure what it means yet. Stay tuned!


Yesterday we had round 2 of our disability panel. We are excited to share what we’ve come up with, we’ll have some new previews for you next week!

February 12th is the Chinese New Year! This year will be the Year of the Ox, and we will have some new art assets to celebrate. Here’s a sneak peek at what our artists are working on:

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and we want to take extra care to continue uplift and empower Black Creators. Each day in February, we’d like to support someone in the community. Please share your favorite Black Creators with us on Twitter!

New Users

The more users we can bring to NeverEnding, the more cool stuff we can continue to create for all of you! If each of our subscribers referred one new user, we’d hit our goal of 2,000 new users. Please share your creations with your friends and on Social Media, tagging us (@beneverending on Twitter, FB, IG) and using the hashtag #OCbyNE.

Thank you, as always!

This week’s Character Builder update!

Hello Friends,

Only 2 more days to save! For the month of January, you can get a whole year of access for $19!

This week we have LOTS of exciting art options for you to try. The new armor pieces are from the theme “Swash Me Buckles!”, and we have also added another set of horns and our first tail!

Thanks to our friends at Chaotic Tiefling Productions, and their weekly show DnD Surprise, we have added a bird head option! Paired with the new wings we added last week, you can now create your favorite bird characters like Aarakocras and Kenkus.

The cast of DnD Surprise will be creating all their characters in the builder, so stay tuned! Check out DnD Surprise, including the Aarakocra ‘Squall’, on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch Wednesday nights!

Kickstarter Backers

Those of you that backed our Kickstarter, hopefully saw our most recent update that includes some news about the Scene Builder, and some sneak peeks! Head on over to our Kickstarter updates page if you haven’t seen it yet.

Another Kickstarter? 

We briefly mentioned this in a previous email, but we want to share more information.

We don’t want to slow down the development of the Scene Builder, or the production of promised stretch goals and add-ons. At the same time, it’s important to develop and make available some additional body type options. We also want to fund the development of a wheelchair option in the character builder. So… Kickstarter?

We’re gathering feedback before launching a Kickstarter with a $1,000 goal to develop in new body types. We’d have stretch goals for additional body types and anthropomorphic character options. Is this something you’d support? We’re still working hard to deliver on the many promises we’ve made and I hope you can clearly see the progress. Can we count on you to spread the word to friends and support us again?

New Features!

New features are live TODAY!

  • Our community page is live, allowing you to view public users.  Head on over to your profile and make it public and add some info!
  • We’ve updated user profile options.
  • The Character Library will have a new look (frames, buttons highlights).

Remember, if you aren’t seeing new assets and features, do a hard refresh!  If you’re on Windows, press CTRL+F5. If you’re on Mac, Press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the new assets and features we’ve added this week!

As always, THANK YOU!

We Don’t Have to Devolve Into Tribalism. We Can Build A New Tribe.

Tribalism is rampant. People are disengaged from each other. It’s nearly impossible to share a different viewpoint in a way that changes someone’s mind, let alone their heart. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

If we go back to the earliest days of our history, when our oldest ancestors were nomadic and life was simply about survival for one’s self, family, and yes – tribe, we’ll discover something that remains true to this day. Members of your tribe were not bonded by blood. They were not even bonded by common goals (after all, these goals often put different tribes on competing, rather than cooperative, paths). 

In our earliest days, bonds were built from shared experiences, from trust. They were built and cemented by stories around the fire. Why? Because shared stories created moments of empathy and shared understanding. Empathy and shared understanding led to closeness and trust, a sense of belonging.

Today, the stories we consume are primarily controlled by just a few major studios. They’re created for profit, filled with special effects, story hooks, plot holes, and formulas. Netflix, Prime TV, Disney, and others have created a firehose of content that lacks authenticity and with little more purpose than to overrun the senses and provide an escape from each other and even from ourselves. It’s no wonder that sites like TikTok and YouTube that provide a creative outlet for self-expression thrive. Yet, even these places are missing something fundamentally necessary. Meaning. Connection.

There is nowhere we can go online to experience the same sense of entertainment and connection that we hunger for on an almost genetic level. The further we have traveled from that small circle around the fire, the more elusive the experience of deep belonging, of shared understanding has become. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – all these sites engage users in endless scrolling as they search for the moments of empathy, shared understanding, and connection that escape us. It’s because the stories there have no real meaning.

It doesn’t have to be like this. It can be different. We’ve launched NeverEnding to make it better.

No alt text provided for this image

NeverEnding seeks to build a new way to reignite that community fire, by creating a unique space not just to share and experience stories, but to craft them too. Through stories we can highlight our experiences, our culture, our shared humanity. Stories can be funny, dramatic, weird, amateurish – it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because as soon as we put real, robust, easy to use storytelling tools into the hands of everyday people, something magical can happen. We can expand that once small circle around a fire to encompass the whole world.

When we experience the simple story of a family dinner in Mumbai, we share an experience that communicates the commonality of family everywhere. When someone else in Ireland shares a story of heartbreak and then rediscovered love, we see a reflection of our own experiences. When another shares a story of adventure once told by their ancestors before a life of struggle on an American reservation, we are transported with the same sense of awe and wonderment and hope. Through these stories, we discover moments of empathy and closeness. We expand our tribe.

The world is growing, changing at an ever more rapid rate. Everywhere we look, we seem to be pulling further and further apart from one another. We’re less connected, more isolated than we ever have been. But you don’t have to feel alone. There is a better world on the horizon. NeverEnding isn’t just a story. It’s a journey, and I hope we can share it with you.

Be a part of our new tribe, so that together, we can build a better world. One story at a time.

This week’s Character Builder Updates!

Hello Everyone!

This week we have some very exciting asset and feature additions!

Our armor set this week is from the theme ‘Oh Holy Stats!’ (…because they’re a cleric, get it??). We have also added bird and bat wings and a set of antlers.

All of these assets, except the bird wings, are for Hero Tier and higher, but never fear! You can upgrade your account in January and get a whole year of access for only $19!

We have also fixed the following bugs this week:

  • Character Builder crashing
  • Loading time issues

New Features!!!

We have 2 new features going live this week:

  • Your characters will auto save as you are working on them.
  • Parts now highlight as you are coloring them, so you can easily see what piece you are working on!
Note: If you are ever unable to see any of the new art or features, try a hard refresh: CTRL+F5 for Windows, and CTRL+SHIFT+R for Mac.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned next week for a big update!

A handy-dandy create new character button, expanded options in your profile, the ability to show off your characters and browse characters created by others, and you’ll be able to search for players who are looking for a group or DMs looking for players!

Some Great Advice

Thursday we did the work of reviewing how users might create characters/avatars with amputations, prosthetics, and wheelchairs. Our disability advisor panel offered us feedback and advice to ensure that we avoid stigmatizing experiences, while allowing people to create heroic disabled characters. We are looking forward to getting these assets live!

A big sincere THANK YOU to our first round of disability advisors:






An Awesome Interview

Last week our founder had a chat with the folks over at Grit Daily about his background and how NeverEnding began! Check out the full article here.

Speaking of how NeverEnding began, this Sunday is our very first birthday! It’s crazy to think it’s only been a year, thank you all for helping us make it awesome.

See you next week!

This week’s Character Builder updates!

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t upgraded your Free Villager Tier account yet, guess what? Now is the perfect time! If you upgrade to the Hero Tier by January 31, you’ll save $5. That’s right a whole year for just $19. (Want to buy it for your DM or a player? Email us at we’ll take care of it for you.)

This week we are introducing assets from the theme ‘El Naturale’!

Coming Soon

Beards! Soon you’ll be able to build the Dwarf of your dreams!

We are continuing the work of adding prosthetics to the character builder. These will be great for people with or without disabilities to make cool new characters! We have 2 types so far: Wooden and Magical Energy. What do you think?

How about a Contest??

We’re gauging interest for a NPC (Non Player Character) Creation contest we’d like to host! Share your thoughts with us:

DnD Surprise Party!

Hopefully you caught the premier of DnD Surprise Party on Twitch Wednesday. We are very happy to be their sponsor and even more excited to meet the characters we’d be creating art for!

Check out their first episode “Welcome to Saltmarsh” on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch. If you aren’t familiar, the players each had a Session 0 with the DM, but had no idea who they’d be playing with until this first episode!

New Feature Reminder

Last thing. You’ll soon be able to browse other people’s profiles (if they’re marked public) and see who is looking for a game and what game system they prefer. So, take advantage of this opportunity to get your profiles updated!

Thank you, and see you next week!

This week’s Character Builder updates!

This week we have added 3 new assets for our Character Builder for our Hero Tier and up! This set’s theme is: ‘Going Rogue.


Coming soon, users will be able to browse public profiles and characters. You’ll also be able to see who is looking for a group or player! You can change your privacy settings and update your info in the ‘Profile’ section of the Character Builder.

There are even more exciting things happening over here:

Next Week

We have the honor of attending the first-ever virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show)! We will be presenting and answering questions January 11th-14th. Wish us luck!

Speaking of Growth

We have grown from 144 users on December 1st to OVER 700 users today! To celebrate, we have decided to extend our holiday sale. Users will continue to be able to upgrade their free account using code MERRY2020 and receive 90 days free until January 14! But all through January you’ll receive an even BIGGER discount if you sign up for a full year. We’re reducing the Hero Tier subscription to $19 for a year’s worth of access! Thank you all for your support!


If you recall, some of our Lifetime Tier Kickstarter backers received character commissions, and we finished the first one! Meet Magnus Blackthorn:

Our artists are looking forward to tackling the rest of the commissions!

Another Kickstarter? Maybe.

In last week’s email we mentioned seeking out additional funding for the development of some additional body types, prosthetics and equipables. We are considering a Kickstarter to help fund these important features, so NeverEnding is more inclusive and welcoming to everyone! Wheelchairs would be an important stretch goal. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project and if we should do it. Send us an email at if you are interested!

Chaotic Tiefling

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce that NeverEnding will be the Official Sponsor for the first season of “DnD Surprise Party” by Chaotic Tiefling Productions.  You can catch the show Wednesday January 13th on their Twitch channel or uploaded later to their YouTube.

Thank you, as always!

Dear NeverEnding, Nick’s Nuptials

Dear NeverEnding,

I am married to one of the sweetest young ladies ever. However, she’s unfamiliar with TTRPGs but humors me anyway. On game day, she’ll even put a batch of cookies into the oven for me and my pals before she leaves the house so that we can play in peace. The problem is my birthday is coming up. She’s been dropping hints about a great D&D gift that she’s ordered from Etsy for me. I really want this sweet 6 pocket dice bag but I’m afraid that I’ll end up with more dragon figurines or a wizard cape that she made one year. Is it bad taste to just give her an amazon wish list?

Sincerely, Nick, most definitely not a Wizard

Nick, let the Mother of Dragons sit you down for “the talk” about marriage and gaming. We’ve all gotten copies of the Forgotten Realms of Faerun while we were in the midst of a campaign for Eberron by some well-meaning loved one who was “doing their best” to get us something nice. It’s called faking it. Just do it. D&D is about fantasy and being inclusive. So, do your best to include your spouse in your world as much as she can be. I bet that she vacuums around your game table and moved her autumn wreath craft project to another room so that you’d be more comfortable. It’s okay, just employ some of your acting skills and be genuinely grateful.

Team Spotlight: Kelci

What’s your name?

Kelci Crawford

What’s your position?

Chief Creative Officer. I’m in charge of what the platform (including the character builder) looks like, and I aim to keep the style consistent.

Who’s your favorite character you’ve created? In which system?

Ollie the half-orc druid, in D&D 5e. She’s a LOT of fun to roleplay and a LOT of fun to cast spells with.

What inspires you?

Jeff Smith’s comic, Bone.

What ancestry (i.e. race) + class would you be (from any ttrpg)?

Tiefling or half-orc

FOR SURE a Barbarian, Path of the Ancestors.

What do you hope people get out of the platform?

I hope people can use our tools to tell the stories that have been itching in their brains to get out in visual form. So many people I’ve met over the years have said, “I want to tell this story but I can’t draw!” I hope this platform helps inspire them, and give folks the tools they need to FINALLY get their stories out to the world.

New Art Assets and Bug Fixes (& a SALE!)

Holiday Special! Upgrade your free account to Hireling using code MERRY2020 to get 90 days free!

Hello Everyone,

Starting this week, we will be sharing weekly updates with art asset additions and bug fixes in our Character Builder! Enjoy!

We will be having a much larger update on December 22nd, but these new assets are live NOW!

We’ve also fixed some things:

Now, when you pick a body color, heads and ears automatically update to the same color.

On the “Share” Tab, your character name is now visible and we updated the additional text.

We fixed the issue where certain ears had crashed the app.

We fixed the armor assets that weren’t displaying properly on the body.

Pricing has been updated to correctly show the ACTUAL price for the character builder ($3 per month/Hireling or $24 for the year/Hero).

(New Feature) You can now enter information about your character in the cool “Character Bio”

We have seen that some of the assets aren’t perfect, and we are working on it!

We hope you are enjoying the Character Builder Beta, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for our update! Thank you!

Holiday Special! Upgrade your free account to Hireling using code MERRY2020 to get 90 days free!

Using NeverEnding to engage your Players and Audience

It feels like it’s a golden era of TTRPG Streams and Podcasts. For streamers, it’s also a lot of work! Not only do you need to focus on your game, but also keeping your players and audience engaged. Character and NPC art can do a lot to add just a little bit more “oomph!” to your livestream. If you don’t have an artist on your team ready to churn out an ever changing line up of NPCs and you can’t drop a few hundred dollars every month, you might feel like all this character art is out of reach. But, we have you covered!

With NeverEnding’s Character Builder you can breathe life into your NPCs and create a more immersive experience for everyone.

Sneaky Pete and Mistral, NPCs created in NeverEnding’s Character Builder Beta

NeverEnding is loaded with art assets to customize your NPCs and characters – different bodies, heads, eyes, and armor are just a few of the tings you have to choose from. There’s literally millions of unique character combos you can create and save.

Our Character Builder offers unlimited save slots for your neverending list of NPCs, plus some spares for when you need one on the spot! With the tagging feature (coming soon) you’ll be able to keep your characters organized by location, campaign, or whatever works best for your planning needs.

Give your players and audience characters they can connect to visually. Think of all the additional fanart opportunities you’ll create by having official character art!

Mateo and Katya, NPCs created in NeverEnding’s Character Builder Beta

NeverEnding comes with a personal license for all your creations, but we also offer commercial licensing on a sliding scale, making it affordable for any budget! In fact, some small podcasts, streams, and DMsGuild publishers end up being able to use NeverEnding’s character art for Free!

Reach out to us at for more details and to see what you qualify for.

We can’t wait to see what you create! Create a free account at today!