We Are Here Because...

We started NeverEnding because stories matter. Your stories matter. Each of us has a well of creativity, insight, and humanity to explore and share. When we play games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Vampire, or others we are co-creating stories. We’re building entire worlds.

We thought – how amazing would it be if other people could SEE those worlds? If people could share and experience stories beyond the table. Maybe these worlds and stories can live on in more than just a memory between friends.

Another reason is that for so many of us, our imagination has helped us through challenging, difficult times – heartbreaks, bullying, anxiety – the list goes on. We all need an opportunity to imagine a world more fantastic, to imagine ourselves as something more, something different. NeverEnding intends to be a space to explore those dreams and ideas.

Behind It All

Jamie Van Doren

Jamie had the original vision for NeverEnding. A long time (like really long, folks) player and DM, games like Powers & Perils and Dungeons & Dragons have been a staple of both childhood and adult life. He’s excited to help other people share their stories, their adventures, and their worlds. You’ll often see Jamie walking around with a Tome of… erm… notes. Yep. Notes. Nothing warlock-y to see here folks.

Josh Bird

Josh (aka JBird) has worked on some amazing design projects, including some for NASA. Beyond phenomenal graphic design, Josh is super passionate about great UX/UI. Just like a bard showing off his favorite taverns, he’s going to make sure the user experience for NeverEnding is fun, every single step of the way – sans angry barkeeps, of course.

Paul Breitzmann

Paul is just Super nice! That’s not why he’s on the team, but it doesn’t hurt. Paul is helping to direct the overall development of the NeverEnding platform – in part, because he really wants to use it. He’s led development teams for a few years and is great about motivating the team with positive energy. It’s great. Well… not so great if you happen to be undead.

Kelci Crawford

Kelci is just a terrific illustrator. And she’s So FAST. Not surprising, because she spent some time as a caricature artist. Kelci has several comic books + webcomics she’s been involved with. She’s also an avid D&D player. She is bringing her amazing creativity and style to NeverEnding, so you can bring your characters to life. Note: While she’s unlikely to cast raise dead on your character, you Might get a reincarnation out of her.

Jordan Smith

Chunda! Chunda! Chunda! Ahem. Sorry. Our lead developer, also known as Chunda Bear, is one of the few people you can count on to show up to every D&D session. If you’re a regular TTRPG player, you know how rare that is. He’s bringing the full brunt of his coding skills to bear for the NeverEnding platform. Those tech skills are significant (another point of evidence that he may be a disguised warforged).

Kyle Rounick

If you’re going to be in a knife fight against the town guard, Kyle is who you want at your side! You might think that has nothing to do with developing a platform like NeverEnding, but Kyle brings the precision of an assassin’s strike and the loyalty of a paladin to all the Finance and HR duties she’s responsible for. She’s proof positive that multi-classing can be great!

NeverEnding would not be possible without the rest of our team!

Talented Coders: Yiming “Francis” Wang, Gabriel Friedman, and Disha Papneja
Members of our Art & Media Crew: Gemma Valentine, Molly Markley, Jefferson Luiz dos Santos, and Mike Comstock
Community Engagement Team: Kristina Malmstrom and Kahla Johnson-Braniff

A special "Thank You" to the amazing gaming celebrity and artist, Satine Phoenix, for giving us excellent advice, guidance, and positivity.
And to YouTuber, The Dungeon Coach for believing in and encouraging us!