Character builder updates for the week of July 24th!

We meet again, friends!

It’s an exciting update announcement today, as we’ve added several new additions to the character builder. There are new items to equip, backgrounds to model with, and as a NeverEnding first: Auras!

Use auras to tell your character’s story! Are they a wild magic sorceror that conjures radiant blue flames? Maybe a necromancer with a deep purple shield of sinister magic? Perhaps a warlock with a Draconic deity patron?

New Features!

  • Auras of colorful flames and a golden dragon
  • A treasure trove of new backgrounds
  • New items to equip, such as pints for mead and an assortment of deadly melee weapons

Wear last week’s swash buckler clothes on a journey to a cavern of treasure. Pose with eight backgrounds that will give your character a pirate’s edge!

Don your cape, grab your drink and raise your weapons! We’ve got a fun variety of new items to equip, even if all you want to do is grab two pints.

It’s your last chance to celebrate Christmas in July by signing up for a free account at You’ll get full access to exclusive items when you sign up and use our character builder this month!

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