What’s in our 2.0? And what are we working on?

We wanted to give you a quick rundown of our 2.0 release and let you know what we’re working on.

First thing – when you go to sign on you’ll see we call out that the app works best on Chrome. Really it works well on everything except Safari (darn you Safari *shakes fist*) We’re tackling that issue over the next couple of weeks.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the sidebar menu is all icons. Find the little goblin
in the upper lefthand corner if you want to see what each of those icons is for.

Head over to the Character Builder, you’ll likely note the layout is much more user-friendly, with an easy left to right flow. The sub icons are better placed, and it’s way easier to tell what customization option you’re on. There are also MORE customization options! Some new options have only 2 or 3 choices, but we’ll continue to add new options every week.

If you’re not seeing a screen like the above, try clearing your browser cache and then do a hard refresh.  If you’re on Windows, press CTRL+F5. If you’re on Mac, Press CMND+SHIFT+R.

Note the new “Randomize” button! Right next to “Save”

Right now, when you randomize it’s… really random. Thankfully you can still edit a random character. But rest assured next week, your randomized characters will have matching ears and boots!

Ahhh. Matching ears. *smiles wistfully* Sometimes it’s the little things.

If you tried the Character Builder on your phone previously and saw that it was less than ideal, try again. With our latest update, it’s more mobile-friendly. We’re not done yet! We have some really awesome mobile designs we’re working on that will make it more than mobile-friendly (mobile-lovey?). Stay tuned!

If you go to your library, you’ll again see a layout change AND pagination for your characters. This reduces the long load times for those of you who have already created 30 (or more) characters! If people ask for it, we’ll implement Instagram-style “forever scrolling.”

A new tool that we’re upper excited about is the NPC Generator. This tool is not focused on stats but on a portrait and cool descriptors to help you get in the head of the random NPC your players are insisting on chatting up for the next 30 minutes. We’ve got a few issues with it but wanted to release it as a proof of concept.

As part of our commitment to inclusion and representation, users can choose Male, Female, OR write in their NPC’s gender, whether it’s non-binary, agender, trans female, transmasculine, genderqueer, or something else.

The highlight here is our focus on descriptions that indicate the NPC’s personality and feelings about the world they inhabit. In addition to the randomized options, users can write in their own. Our hope is that this is more useful than stats for DMs looking to add flavor and personality to the characters the players interact with.

It’s suffering from the same randomization issue of mismatched ear, but next week that will be solved and we’re working hard on making sure that there’s some logic that matches the constraints you entered (like Female Dwarf Tavern Server) and the image you get back. The logic for the descriptions work, so we urge you to check that out and give us feedback if you haven’t already.

Speaking of feedback – be sure to message us at happiness@beneverending.com if you see any bugs.

Because our developers and artists worked SO hard to get this out, we gave them extra time off. We won’t be smashing bugs from Friday, May 21 through Monday, May 24. But our dev and art teams will be back at it on Tuesday, May 25!

Thanks for your support. Can’t wait to hear what your favorite feature or improvement is in the latest update!

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