Character Builder updates for the week of May 14th!

Hello Everyone!

As we mentioned last week, we do not have any new assets this week to allow our Artists and Devs time to focus on the 2.0 launch. HOWEVER, that does not mean we don’t have some awesome updates for you!


Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers we are now at THREE THOUSAND users in the Character Builder. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we couldn’t do it without every single one of you!

If you missed our Kickstarter or still don’t have a NeverEnding subscription, we are still taking late pledges on our GameFound! Check it out for some great deals and exclusive offers.

Something NEW!

Coming very soon, we will be opening up our swag store at! There you’ll be able to purchase all kinds of TTRPG and NeverEnding goodies! Like these for example:

2.0 Launch

If you’re wondering: “What is this NeverEnding 2.0 thing they keep talking about?”, let me let you in on the exciting news!

Coming this month, we are launching NeverEnding 2.0! This launch will include:


Token Creation

NPC Generator

New Character Customization Options


Mobile/Tablet Compatibility

App UX/UI Updates – including more accessibility features, like tab navigation

See you next week!

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