Character Builder updates for the week of May 7th!

Hello Everyone,

This week we have even more awesome hairstyles for you to chose from! Head on over to to create more cool characters, and share them using hashtag #OCbyNE so we can share them too!

If you’ve been following our email updates and social media, you already know that we are hard at work bringing NeverEnding 2.0 to life. This will be our last asset drop until 2.0 goes live, to allow our amazing artists and devs to focus on the task at hand!

Speaking of 2.0…

I have an extra special sneak peek at the NPC Generator for you:

What do you think?? I am excited to use it in my campaigns! The generator will supply you with the details that bring your NPCs to life and allow you to make changes, add your own notes and save them for future reference!

We want YOUR input!

The team is also hard at work on the 2nd Kickstarter Rewards. Thanks to you we unlocked the Animal Companion stretch goal, and we want to know what animals YOU would like to see! Please take a moment to fill out our survey here:

See you next week!

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