Character Builder updates for the week of April 23rd!

Hello Everyone!

This week we have added new assets with the theme ‘Arm Day’! Check out these assets by customizing your characters even more at

Bug Fixes and Updates

Our Devs are hard at work on NeverEnding 2.0 and the updates that come with it!

What is NeverEnding 2.0 you ask?

If you missed our previous updates, or if you are a new subscriber, NeverEnding 2.0 is a big update launching in May! With it comes a Character Builder redesign with more accessibility features, mobile and tablet compatibility aaaaaand…


Token Creation

NPC Generator


Man… those are some nice tokens!


We will have our pledge manager up in GameFound by May 3rd, if not sooner! As soon as that is up, we’ll be importing backer emails into the app. You’ll receive a special sign on link to link your account. If you’re one of the backers who also backed the first Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving a separate survey where you can detail how you want your credit to be applied.

See you next week!

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