Character Builder updates for the week of March 19th!

Hello Everyone!

This week we added 28 different assets to the builder, including 6 new hair styles, 4 ears, facial hair, armor pieces and more! Here are some of the new characters we’ve built using a few of them, head on over to to see everything we’ve added!


Now you have the option to set your profile picture to one of your characters and select custom backgrounds!


We had an awesome Kickstarter launch, and were able to add this great little sticker to our banner:

We have sold out of the Early Bird Tier and smashed through our first stretch goal, a non binary body type! We are inching closer to our next stretch goal: PIRATES!

Help us bring Pirates (as well as Bird Folk, Animal Companions and more) to the Character Builder by backing and sharing our Kickstarter!

New Partners

As you know, we are proud sponsors of DnD Surprise Party which streams Wednesdays at 7:00pm EDT, so we are also happy to introduce TWO new streams that we are partnering with:

PlayersAndCreators, which streams their Wildemount Campaign Thursdays at 7:30pm EDT


Secret Adventurers Society which streams every other Wednesday at 7:30pm CT!

Thank you all for your support, see you next week!

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