Character Builder updates for the week of March 12th!

Hello Everyone!

This week we are adding the remaining Year of the Ox weapons! This exclusive collection is for those who secure a Hireling or Hero memberships by March 27th! Be sure to unlock these exclusive assets by creating or upgrading your account at

Bug Fixes and New Features

  • Character previews should load faster
  • You can add a number as a searchable tag to your character, not just a word like “elf”
  • In your profile, there’s a section to list your proficiencies (like DMing, cartography, or character commissions). You can not search user profiles by those proficiencies.


You know we love to give you all sneak peeks of what we’re working on, how about a look at new assets for our new Kickstarter? These assets are exclusively for Kickstarter II launching March 16th,  and will be available later as add-ons. Backers from our first Kickstarter who selected the “All You Survey” add on will also receive these!

Be sure to follow our Kickstarter to be notified at launch, and spread the word! 

Big Asset Roll Out!

We’re planning a big asset roll out around the Kickstarter launch date! Here are some WIPs from our Artists, what do you think?

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

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