Character Builder updates for the week of March 5th!

Hello Everyone!

This week’s new assets come from the theme “Winter Wonderland”, and we are happy to add another long hairstyle to the lineup!

We had some bug fixes go live after our email went out last week, including bugs relating layering issues. That means long hair and beards are ready to use! Now go forth and create!

Kickstarter #2 Update

We decided to delay the launch of our Kickstarter to give us a little more time to get people excited! If you haven’t already, you can follow the campaign and be notified at launch:

Our new anticipated launch date is March 16th!

We also have something special planned– exclusively for backers of our first Kickstarter who also support the second campaign.

NOTE: We’re still working on the full platform (scene builder and story animator), these additional funds will help us introduce additional character options, without losing momentum on the rest of the features in development.

A Sneak Peek?

Speaking of continuing to work on new features, we are getting closer to launching our character token options! What do you think of this updated Builder layout as well??

Soon you will be able to download your characters tokens, ready to use in your online games!

Lunar New Year Exclusive Assets

Remember we still have our Lunar New Year Assets available to to those who secure a Hireling or Hero membership by March 27th! Be sure to unlock these exclusive assets by creating or upgrading your account at

As always, thank you for your support. See you next week!

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