Team Spotlight: Kristi

What is your name?

Kristi She/Her

What is your position?

Director of Development

Okay, but what do you do?

Types on keyboard and makes magic happen lol.

What’s your preferred TTRPG?


Tell us about your favorite character you’ve created and what system it was in.

I created a cat girl (aka a tabaxi thief) wielding dual swords in a dnd 5e one shot. She was quick and mysterious and had a huge fluffy white and gold tail and cute matching ears.

On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?

What would be the title of your autobiography?

This Antisocial Being

What’s your go-to weapon?

Dual swords

Why did you join NeverEnding?

I really like animation and storytelling, but since I am not super great at either, I thought that this project NeverEnding is creating is a perfect tool for people like me who want to partake in these kinds of activities. I love the customizability and endless amount of uses this project has (other than just for games). And I also get a chance to put my skills to use. Plus, Jamie is so passionate and organized which makes all the difference in a start-up.

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