Character Builder updates for the week of February 19th!

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and warm this week!

As we mentioned last week, we are adding assets from the theme ‘Year of the Ox’. We extended our offer for these limited edition assets to include anyone with a Hireling or Hero membership in March! Now is a great time to sign up or upgrade your membership at

Hmm… It seems like a Rogue Mask must have snuck into the new releases as well!

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Unfortunately the long hair and beard layer fix took longer than expected. However, we have the issue fixed and we’re testing the solution before making it live. If the fix doesn’t cause any bugs, it should be live by Monday at the latest!
  • Member achievements are now permanent
  • Characters can wear pants and skirts at the same time
  • Lunar New Year Achievement added

Looking for Streams

As we’ve mentioned before, we are a proud sponsor of the D&D Surprise Party stream on Twitch!

We are looking for more TTRPG streams and podcasts to sponsor. More specifically, we are looking for newer, smaller streams to work with! Send us your recommendations at or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

Sneak Peek

We’re continuing to work with our Disability Advisors on developing an inclusive collection of art assets. These crutches are our newest ones!


Using feedback from our subscribers and social media following, we plan to launch a new Kickstarter in March. This will allow us to add additional body types and character options. We will keep you updated on our progress!

See you next week, thank you!!

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