Character Builder updates for the week of February 12th!

Hey Everyone!

This week’s new assets are from the theme: ‘The Woodfolk’, and we are excited to share our first long hairstyle!

You may have seen on our Kickstarter and Blog updates that we are working though a bug with the beards and long hair. We’ll have that sorted out before the weekend is over!

Other Bug Fixes:

Optimized character lists, settings page, and UI/UX designs

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! All through February, Hireling and Hero tier members will receive special “Year of the Ox” assets including, weapons, horns, and more! Not a member yet? Head over to and sign up! (It’s on Sale!)

New Pricing

Nearly 1,000 people are using the Character Builder! We’re celebrating by making access even easier!

Monthly membership is now ONLY $1/month with a 30 day free trial, and the Annual membership is ONLY $9/year with a 60 day free trial.

All of our Kickstarter backers already had significant time added to their memberships/subscriptions. We’ll also compensate our backers with in-app currency (once we roll it out and/or special assets). You can read our full update on our Kickstarter Page!

D&D Surprise Party

Last week, the cast of D&D Surprise Party revealed their new character art, created in the Character Builder! Be sure to check out their stream, Wednesdays @ 7pm ET on Chaotic Tiefling Production’s Twitch Channel!

Advisory Panel

We’ve been continuing our work with our panel of Disability Advisors, with another meeting last week. They are providing us with great advice and insight, and we have some sneak peeks and concepts to share with you!

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Thank you for your support, see you next week!

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